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Midnight Idols - We Rule The Night - Self Financed - 2006 [ CD ]
Midnight Idols - We Rule The Night - Self Financed - 2006 [ CD ]
01. We Rule The Night
02. Bright Lights, City Dreams
03. Heartbreak City
04. Drinkin' Time
05. Light Of The Crimson Moon
06. Helltrain
07. Satan's Son
08. Nihilistic Angel
09. Smell The Witch
10. Leather & Weed

Lineup: Diamond C - Vocals Thermo - Guitars Fred Speakman - Guitars Scotty Jak - Bass Scott Smiley - Drums
When was the last time that you have heard a HEAVY METAL record that really nailed your balls to the wall? Well I suppose that the answer is difficult simply because our times are hard for PURE HEAVY METAL. Every piece of shit that comes out under major labels is called ?Metal? today. Fortunately there are still people that are 100% in PURE HEAVY METAL, that have grown up with the REAL tunes of steel, the tunes of Saxon, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest ?to name a few-. Fortunately it happens some of those people to be musicians, and to decide to create their own METAL albums. In this case we have releases like the debut CD of Seattle?s Midnight Idols entitled ?We Rule The Night?.
Back to the main question, Midnight Idols debut WILL nail your balls to the wall. I have received this CD some time ago and it was almost impossible for me to sit down and write a review on it because I was simply prefer to listen to it again and again that to waste my time on typing. What the listener will meet in here is 10 songs of pure and strong HEAVY METAL, mainly inspired by the early days of the NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) scene. If I did not know that Midnight Idols is a band of our times and have no further info on this album, I would be sure that it was released back in 1982, simply because this album has the spirit, the strength and a passion of all those classic early 80s NWOBHM releases that still offer us pure STEEL.
The Paul Dianno influenced vocals of Diamond C. will rock you to hell! Especially this ?Clap Your Fucking hands? scream on the introduction of ?Helltrain? is even more real and rocking than an original Paul Dianno scream back in 1981. The guitars of Thermo and Fred Speakman will take you by storm and the rhythm section of Scotty Jak ?bass- and Scott Smiley ?drums- is heavier than two tones of steel in your face.
Do not ask me to mention specific songs because the entire album rocks! If you still want some more information about the music then bring into your mind the two first albums of Iron Maiden add some dirty rock n roll attitude and many passion and you got the final musical result.
Do not even think to miss this album. It is simply IMPORTANT if you STILL are into real METAL.


Review by: Countraven

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