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Kuni - Fucked Up - Big M.f. - 2000 [ CD ]
Kuni - Fucked Up - Big M.f. - 2000 [ CD ]
2.tear It Down
3.cybernation Jam
4.hard Life
5.brother To Brother
6.mystify Guitars
7.spy Vs Spy
8.i'm No Fool
9.brite Lites
10.acoustic Piece 2
11.i'll Wait For You

Lineup: Kuni Guitars Dennis St.james Vocals On Tracks 1,5,7 Chris Kory Vocals On Tracks 2,4 Jack James Vocals On Tracks 8,9,11 Eric Singer Drums On Tracks 1,5,7,8,11 Paul Cancilla Drums On Tracks 2,4 Pon Yamaguchi Drums On Tracks 3,6 Larry Cornwall Drums On Track 9 Billy Sheehan Bass On Tracks 3,6 Dave Spitz Bass On Tracks 1,2,5,7,8,11 Paul Stanley Bass On Track 9 Tak Matsumoto Guitars On Tracks 3,6 Ryo Okumoto Keyboards On Track 11
Well I hope that many of you know the Japanese guitar hero Kuni. I think that his previous works are milestones in what we call Melodic Metal . The first 2 albums are the pretty hard to find Masque (1986) and Looking For Action (1988). The latter is more known not for its musical superiority to Masque (I think that both are excellent releases) but for the vocal contribution of the one and only Jeff Scott Soto who really gives a different vibe to the album. Enough with the past releases and onto the more recent release. The cover of “Fucked Up” really messes with your expectations (that’s what happened to me) you actually think you are going to listen to a modern sounding album…well you are wrong. This release is a solid effort and apart from the digital recording and the high tech mastering this could’ve very well been released a few years after “Lookin For action”. All the guitar techniques Kuni uses in the previous albums are there… solos, solos, licks etc. And one thing I always appreciated in Kuni’s playing is that he is not a show off, he is not neoclassical, he is not boring, he is metal and that’s that. The thing that differs maybe is that his rhythm guitar sounds a bit bulkier than before which actually adds up to the sound and gives a more modern twist in the best possible way. This time as he did in his first album Kuni has invited many guest musicians from his fellow Tak Matsumoto (of TMG) ,to David Spitz, Paul Stanley (what do you mean who?), Billy Sheehan, Eric Singer to name a few. The vocal parts are divided to Dennis St. James a very Soto-esque singer singing the tracks that could very well have been Lookin For Action B-sides(listen to Spy vs Spy) , Chris Kory an old-school high note singer who sounds great and Jack James with a more hard rock approach. I have no information of their previous works but I’d really like to know what these singers have been up to in the past. I don’t think that a track really stands out but if you are into “looking for action” you are gonna adore tracks like “Spy Vs. Spy” and “Untouchable”.

To sum it up we have an exclellent album and considering the year of release (2000) “Fucked Up” sounds old and fresh at the same time. I suggest that you should give this a try in some way … it has become pretty hard to find and it’s price has started to rise… Anyway if the first two albums of Kuni changed the way you listen to music … Buy or Die if not try to buy it at a fair price … because it’s a killer release IMHO.

Review by: Themetallian
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