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Marco Mendoza - Live For Tomorrow - Frontiers - 2007 [ CD ]
Marco Mendoza - Live For Tomorrow - Frontiers - 2007 [ CD ]
1.not For Me
2.live For Tomorrow
3.lettin' Go
4.look Out For The Boys
5.i Want You
6.your Touch
7.let The Sun Shine
8.you Got Me
9.in My Face
11.still In Me
12.dance With Me

Lineup: Marco Mendoza - Bass Richie Kotzen - Guitar Steve Lukather - Lead Guitar On Tr.3 Ted Nugent - Guitar Solo On Tr.8 Doug Aldrich - Lead Guitar On Tr.6 Tommy Aldridge - Drums On Tr.9 And Tr.10 Brian Tichy - Drums On Tr.3,tr.5 And Tr.11 Steve Wiengart - Keyboards On Tr.11 And Tr.12
Soul. That’s the first thing that came to my mind when I first listened to this album. Sometimes it is very difficult to use terms when it comes to music. This album has everything… from hard rock to funk, jazz, soul (the music genre) , dedication… and of course Marco Mendoza which pretty much gives the basic idea of the sound. Marco Mendoza had some ideas for an album and with the help of guitar wiz Richie Kotzen they gave life and form to these ideas creating an album full of surprises. If you think that Marco is an excellent bass guitar player better think again because this guy can sing… he’s doing all the vocal tracks on the album and he is doing a terrific job, and come to think of it doing backing vocals for Whitesnake and David Coverdale must mean something about his vocal abilities. Many special guests appear on the album all giving a personal touch to each track, from fellow Whitesnake members Doug Aldrich (ex – Lion, ex- Hurricane, Burning Rain) and Tommy Aldridge, to Steve Lukather, Ted Nugent, Brian Tichy, Steve Wiengart and of course Richie Kotzen. A very special guest who also appears on the album even though not credited on the promo is Marco Medoza’s son who plays Bass on some tracks.

I think that if you want to enjoy this album you should forget all about musical genres and standards, let yourself be guided through the melodies and you will find a very good musical companion for the summer and even for more. Two thumbs up!!


Review by: Themetallian
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