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Wardrum - Spadework - Steel Gallery - 2011 [ CD ]
Wardrum - Spadework - Steel Gallery - 2011 [ CD ]
Wardrum is a brand new band featuring the vocalist of Uli Jon Roth Piero Leporale plus members of the great Prog Metal band from Thessaloniki-Greece, Horizons End: Kosta Vreto, Stergios Kourou and Kostas Scandalis. Their debut album "Spadework" is out on Steel Gallery Records.

Wardrum delivers Power / Prog Metal at its best: There are plenty of influences spread around the music of this great band: from -early- Queensryche and Crimson Glory -first two albums-, to Titan Force and Lethal. There are also some Classic Heavy Metal touches here and there -Judas Priest- and light touch of European Steel – take as a reference the great riffing of Heavens Gate and you would get my point-.

Wardrum started by the drummer Stelios Kourou –when was the last time that a drummer have started such an excellent band?-, he have composed the basis of all the songs that took the final shape with the participation of the rest of the band. They actually combine in a very talented way the technical rhythm section –Mr Kourou on drums and Mr Skandalis on bass have done a excellent job- with complex but at the same so straight in the face riffing. It is this very exact point that the voice of Piero enters the game to fill the songs with magnificent vocal melodies. The out of this world guitar playing of Kosta Vreto, completes the puzzle with great guitars leads and yes this is Wardrum.

At the end of the day I think that the really great feature of this band is their absolutely inspired songwriting. They just lay down the best riffs you can image as a starting point, from there, each musician adds its own magical touch and the final result is great. The first thought that I actually thought from the first listen of the album is that "this band delivers, real songs after all". I have written it in the past and I will write it in the future: the big point for a band is the inspiration of songwriting. You may have the best musicians in town and the you may have recorded your stuff in a professional studio under a great production, but is your songwriting powerful and inspired enough in order for good new songs to be delivered? If not then you have lost the game. Fortunately, Wardrum got a bunch of absolute great songs -and believe me it is difficult for me to pick up a specific one-, ah yes you can include the talented musicians and the powerful production in the package.

A last word must be written for the excellent cover by Michal Karcz who is member of the Rainer Kalwitz crew –covers for Shadow Gallery, Century Media, Massacre Records etc- well it is probably the best cover in a Metal record I have seen recently. I want T Shirt right NOW!

Well enough written. Wardrum is probably the best new Metal band coming out from Greece. Do not make the mistake NOT to listen their debut. You will sure regret it.


Review by: Countraven
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