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Black Oath - The Third Aeon - I Hate - 2011 [ CD ]
Black Oath - The Third Aeon - I Hate - 2011 [ CD ]
Well it seems that there is big movement around the Italian Doom Metal scene with many new bands releasing their stuff in any possible way. A good example is the debut release of Black Oath on the Swedish I Hate Records.

The trio delivers some really inspired Epic Doom Metal. A band that came into my mind by even the first listening of their stuff is Thunderstorm -on their Sad Symphony era-. I would for sure discover some Solitude Aeturnus, Candlemass and Forsaken -After The Fall era- influences and of course this fact is making the music of Black Oath even more interesting on my ears.

Solid riffing, melodic vocals and epic atmosphere is the three main elements that would make me listen to the record again and again. "Growth of a Star Within" can be easily mentioned as my favorite pick from the album, well a band that is able to compose such songs should not be ignored for any reason. I would also add "Evil Sorcerer" and "Black Oath" as two other songs that re presents the composing abilities of the Italian newcomers, great stuff for sure.

The sure thing is that there will be even more -and greater- stuff from this band in the future, their step under the flag of this debut album was a very good enough -they got some other releases for you to check out like their 2009 same titled EP, their split with Tetramorph Impure (2010), the Portrait Of The Dead single (2010) and their Cursed Omen EP (2011) , but their debut is their best and most important release so far. Well you would better keep an eye into them if pure Doom Metal is your main point on music.


Review by: Countraven
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