Pele in action (Brazil)

Heavy Metal World Cup: What Is It All About?

Most of us grew up loving 80’s heavy metal. We fell in love with the looks, the attitude and, most importantly, the musical deeds of our idols. Some argue it was a movement whose followers tried to make a statement and live by it, while others attribute most of its success to just being a trend. I’d say there’s truth in both of these statements, but for me there’s more to the story.

If you think about it, heavy metal musicians have always been able to mass enormous numbers of people in stadiums, get fans on the road or outside record stores, hotels, facilities, etc. They came from all kinds of backgrounds and made their music available to everyone, regardless of social or financial status. Some argue they united all metalheads and while I’m not 100% onboard with this statement, it does hold truth in it. These people have wrote the soundtrack to our lives and made our passions erupt with every note that has stroke a chord with us. They became our heroes and the ones we looked up to during uneasy times. It’s more than music and nothing can strip us of that.

Iron Maiden Football

Now, why am I writing all these you may ask? For starters let’s try this: go back and through the article and replace all references to heavy metal with the equivalent term for football. If you’re like me, things will start to make sense immediately. If not, please bear with me.

I like to think in analogies when it comes football and heavy metal, as I believe they have many things in common. Especially when we’re talking about how things were during the 80’s and the 90’s. Hell, it even became a term: Heavy Metal Football. Heroes emerged from both sides, heroes that left their mark for generations to come and changed the route of history forever. I mean who on this earth hasn’t heard about Maradona or Metallica? The thrill they’ve caused throughout the years is difficult to match even to this day.

In the upcoming days, and for the whole duration of the World Cup, I’ll be posting songs and information for bands based on the fixtures of the World Cup.

Hope you enjoy it and may the gods of joga bonito be with you.