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ACHELOUS – The Icewind Chronicles

Its always a pleasure to see a new release by ACHELOUS. The band was formed a couple of years ago and quickly made an...

ACHELOUS – Northern Winds

In case you missed it, ACHELOUS are home straight in releasing their new album entitled "The Icewind Chronicles" and inspired by the “Icewind Dale”...

ACHELOUS – Macedon

In case you missed it a couple of months ago, Ι attended the listening session of ACHELOUS debut album, simply called "Macedon". Well the...
Achelous 2018 (no logo)

Interview with ACHELOUS

Formed in 2011 as an extreme one-man project, over the years they have evolved into a classic heavy metal band with epic elements. After numerous line-up changes and live shows, the band recently released their first full-length album called “Macedon”. Chris Kappas (vocals) had some interesting things to say about the debut and the future plans of the band,..

ACHELOUS: Release Clip For Song “Gaugamela” Taken From New Album “Macedon”

ACHELOUS, heavy metal band from Greece, released their first full-length album, simply called "Macedon" through Metal Fighters. The album was produced by Stathis Pavlantis...


ACHELOUS begun in 2011 as an extreme one-man project but over the years they have evolved into a classic heavy/power metal band with epic...

ACHELOUS: Release Lyric Video For “Macedon”

ACHELOUS, epic metal band from Greece, release lyric video for "Macedon", taken from the upcoming "Macedon" album. You may watch it bellow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZlfbaUsG5o Artwork of upcoming "Macedon"...

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SACRAL NIGHT – Le Diadème d’ Argent

The French metal scene was always full of surprises. Although, seldom French speaking bands managed to rise outside the borders of their country, especially...


I guess that for the readers of Forgotten Scroll, ETERNAL CHAMPION from Austin, Texas, US, need no special introduction. Their “Armor of Ire” debut is already identified as a classic on the Epic Metal genre. They are about to march into battle again, releasing a second album called "Ravening Iron", so yes, this is a good chance for a discussion with the band's singer Jason Tarpey.