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Achelous - Macedon

ACHELOUS – Macedon

In case you missed it a couple of months ago, Ι attended the listening session of ACHELOUS debut album, simply called "Macedon". Well the...
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Interview with ACHELOUS

Formed in 2011 as an extreme one-man project, over the years they have evolved into a classic heavy metal band with epic elements. After numerous line-up changes and live shows, the band recently released their first full-length album called “Macedon”. Chris Kappas (vocals) had some interesting things to say about the debut and the future plans of the band,..
Achelous 2018

ACHELOUS: Release Clip For Song “Gaugamela” Taken From New Album “Macedon”

ACHELOUS, heavy metal band from Greece, released their first full-length album, simply called "Macedon" through Metal Fighters. The album was produced by Stathis Pavlantis...
Achelous - Macedon


ACHELOUS begun in 2011 as an extreme one-man project but over the years they have evolved into a classic heavy/power metal band with epic...
Achelous 2018

ACHELOUS: Release Lyric Video For “Macedon”

ACHELOUS, epic metal band from Greece, release lyric video for "Macedon", taken from the upcoming "Macedon" album.You may watch it bellow:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZlfbaUsG5oArtwork of upcoming "Macedon"...

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SACRED OUTCRY – Damned for all Time

Can Epic / Power Metal still sound classy?March 2nd, 2003, this was the first Greek live date of the mighty Italian Epic Metallers DOOMSWORD....

SANCTUM – Believers


Greek Prog Metallers FORTRESS UNDER SIEGE return back in action with their third "Atlantis" album, to be released this fall on Rock of Angels Records. New album, new record label and the most important new people on the foreground. The band's spiritual father Fotis Sotiropoulos (guitar), patiently answers to all the questions about the new album, the hard decisions, the steps forward and the future to come.

HEAR ‘N NOW: Covid-19 artist initiative, team up with Heaven And...

 The international, multi-artist collaboration, Hear 'n Now, benefiting those affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic is joining forces with Heaven & Hell Records.Project organizer...