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Battleroar in 2018

BATTLEROAR: Announces Departure of Gerrit Mutz

BATTLEROAR, epic metal powerhouse from Greece, announced the departure of Gerrit Mutz, singer of the band for the past 8 years with the band due to...
Manilla Road, Mark Shelton

KIT XXII: Announces MANILLA ROAD Tribute Headlining Act

Keep It True organisers announced one of the headlining acts for the XXII edition of the festival. It's going to be a tribute to...
Battleroar in 2018

Interview with BATTLEROAR

If there’s one band out there that has every right to the Greek Epic Metal throne, that’s definitely BATTLEROAR. We had the chance to chat with band's mastermind and guitarist Kostas Tzortzis about "Codex Epicus", as well as a couple of other interesting topics. Hope you enjoy it...
Battleroar in 2018

BATTLEROAR: Teases New Song From “Codex Epicus”

BATTLEROAR, epic metal band from Greece, premiered new song from the band's upcoming fifth album "Codex Epicus". The song is called "We Shall Conquer"...
Battleroar - Codex Epicus

BATTLEROAR – Codex Epicus

If there’s one band out there that has every right to the Greek Epic Metal throne, that’s definitely BATTLEROAR. Started nearly twenty years ago,...
Battleroar - Codex Epicus

BATTLEROAR: “Codex Epicus” Details Revealed

10/5/18 Update: read the BATTLEROAR - "Codex Epicus" review.Via Cruz Del Sur: BATTLEROAR Reveals Cover Art, Track Listing For "Codex Epicus".Greek epic/power metal force BATTLEROAR has...
Battleroar in 2018

BATTLEROAR: New album coming up in June

10/5/18 Update: read the BATTLEROAR - "Codex Epicus" review.ViaCruz Del Sur Music: BATTLEROAR To Release "Codex Epicus" In June: ‘It’s Definitely Melodic, Powerful, Doomy And...
Battleroar (GR) 2008 line up

Interview with BATTLEROAR

Greek Epic Metal pioneers are back, new album, new more and powerful shows and a new interview on Forgotten Scroll. Marco Concoreggi the singer of the band answers our questions. Enjoy!
Battleroar (GR) 2005 lineup

Interview with BATTLEROAR

The Greek warriors released their second full-lengthed album 2 months ago... if you haven't purchase it yet then it's your fault... those of you who have heard it allready know that it's a masterpiece! We had the chance to talk with Gus (bassist)... you have teh chance to read it! A roar coming from the past!

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Interview with SAVAGE MASTER

One of the most exciting and electrifying bands in today's occult heavy metal scene, for the past six years, SAVAGE MASTER have swiftly built an impressive canon of work over the course of two cult albums, one EP, one single, and especially their over-the-top live shows. The band was founded in 2013 by guitarist Adam Neal and vocalist Stacey Savage, so inspired by their love of heavy metal and horror. Soon enough, a mysterious spectacle was created, and it bore the name SAVAGE MASTER. From there, the band began their assured ascent through the underground, touring non-stop across North America and Europe, playing such festivals such as Keep It True, Hell Over Hammaburg, Legions of Metal, Frost and Fire, Ragnarokkr, Hells Heroes and many more, and now landing themselves an album deal with Shadow Kingdom Records. "Myth, Magic & Steel" album has been released, so this is a great chance for an interview with the band. Zippo tracks down vocalist Stacey Savage and he carries a bunch of very interesting questions. Lets take a look on the answers!

PSYCHOTIC WALTZ – The God-Shaped Void – 5th studio album –...

US Progressive Metal pioneers and innovators PSYCHOTIC WALTZ return in their full original line-up with their highly anticipated 5th studio album and first new...