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Fatal Attraction


Fatal Attraction from Thessaloniki, Greece is a very special case of a band. Starting in the mid 80s they managed to compose and record some really inspired Prog Metal, however their material was never officially released but their name was getting more and more attention among the fans due to their live shows and the quality of their music. The important facts on the band's saga are so many: First of all they worked with two of the most important singers of the Greek Metal scene (Panos Dimitriou and Giannis Koutselinis), they supported Manowar in their Athens show back in 1992 and there are a lot more interesting topics that you would be able to read in this in depth interview that the bassist of the band Vangelis Notopoulos was kind enough to give. Please take some extra time and focus to the answers of Vangelis. You will be able to read some of the most enthusiastic and informative answers you have ever read on an interview! It is THIS type of enthusiasm and THIS plenty of information that I am searching every time I am interviewing a band. Hey bands out there: take the answers of Mr. Notopoulos as an example! Hey readers out there: grab a beer and dive deep into the saga of a marvelous Prog Metal band from Greece!

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Interview with CRYSTAL EYES

You cannot go wrong with Sweden's CRYSTAL EYES. If the combination of Classic Heavy Metal with European Power Metal -and especially its Teutonic version- was and still is your cup of tea, then this band is the absolute must. They are moving closely to the 30th year of their existence and they have released their 8th "Starbourne Traveler" full length. We had a very interesting conversation with the band's main man Mikael Dahl, he was pretty kind and he had a nice story to share about pretty much everything: The 90s demo era, the first record deal, the live shows and the line up changes, not to mention his album by album comments. Grab a cold beer -or whatever you prefer to drink- and enjoy the interview!

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