MUSTANG is a heavy/speed metal band from Kolkata, India, fuelled and forged by the sacred steel of the 80’s. Having released a couple of singles 'till now, the band is working on putting together their first official release. Keep reading to find out what these hard-working metalheads are all about...

For those who don’t know you, can you please give us a short bio of the band?

Well, we are MUSTANG, a heavy/speed metal band from Kolkata, India, fuelled and forged by the sacred steel of the 80’s. We conceived the idea of forming this band around the summer of 2014 and after a rollercoaster ride from the beginning were finally able to shape up everything around the winter of 2017.

It’s a five piece band. We got, Maniac on drums, Thunderbastard on bass, Styx and Sorcerer on guitars and Piercer on vocal duties.

When exactly did you start as a band?

As we stated earlier, around the summer of 2014 we conceived the idea of forming a heavy metal band and we started off with a few musicians of our local scene, but they came and went, nothing remained constant and productive as they all had their own priorities. But we never let the fire to tame, we kept on searching for musicians (which is a very tough job to do in a small scene like ours) who can devote their full effort towards the band and eventually we were able to arrange everything together around the winter of 2017 and started off writing our materials.

How exactly did the name MUSTANG come across?

Haha, well it’s a funny tale to tell. I mean while thinking of forming a heavy/speed metal band and naming it, the ideas that came to my mind were like the band name should signify the genre and essence of the music. And when I thought of it, the very first name that struck in my mind was ‘MUSTANG’. You know, I think it’s the best name that can describe us. Mustangs are wild, untamed powerful and fast creatures and that’s what we are, and lastly the name sounds damn freaking’ cool. Isn’t it, hahaha…

Leaving behind the name, let’s focus on your musical style. Was this mixture of heavy and speed metal your initial goal from the beginning or you have evaluating your style after jamming ?

Yeah, we always knew what we were up-to. We started with the idea of forming a heavy/speed metal band only. Absolutely no other thoughts had ever crossed our minds. Heavy/speed metal genre is something that always got the lesser attention here, so we wanted to break the spell and honestly every member of Mustang are out and out heavy metal maniacs so we never wanted to do something else.

How difficult or easy was to find a suitable line-up and form a band?

Oh, it’s like searching a needle in a coal mine you know. First of all the scene over here is very small, and it’s really hard to come by to the musicians who share the same taste with you in music. It almost took 4 years to complete the whole line up for us, I guess this sums up everything pretty well.

Since now you have presented two demo songs uploaded on YouTube. Can you please give us some more details about these two compositions? When did you compose this material?

Well, we composed our very first song “Terror Striker” around the winter of 2017 and we immediately hit the studio and did recording and mixing within a span of 12 – 13 days and we released it. We were four piece then.

After that the most experienced member of this clan, Sorcerer on axe duties joined us and we immediately started to write new material and thus came the birth of our second original, “Black Steel”.

Where have you recorded this material?

We recorded all our materials from the local studios over here, the best we can afford.

You have released two songs so far. However, I am very curious to learn if you have composed more songs…

Yeah, we released two songs ’till now and recently we played live another original of ours called “Speedkill”. It’s a fun song to play live.

Have you got any plans to release this demo material on a physical format? I mean CDr or cassette?

No such plans on this.

What about your other compositions ? Do you plan to enter in the studio sooner or later in order to complete a possibly forthcoming release? An EP or full-length or whatever?

Yeah , we are now working on our new originals and keep ourselves busy writing new stuff. We have a plan to hit the studio as soon as possible to record an EP or full-length. Let’s hope for the best, you know.

In your country there are particular political, social and religious circumstances. How are these circumstances affect the formation and the general activity of a heavy metal band? How easy or difficult is to run a heavy metal band in India?

Well, there is no easy thing that exists here. It’s totally difficult to run a heavy metal or any kinda old school metal bands in here.

First of all, there are very few people who are into this style of music. People here often start off listening to metal with CANNIBAL CORPSE or some extreme or new metal shit, and after that if someone introduces them to JUDAS PRIEST or SCORPIONS they don’t find them cool enough. It’s one of the biggest problem here IMHO. So when you are looking for a suitable musician when you require, you end up finding no one.

Then there is constant fighting with the society, family, career you know. One can’t think about taking it as a full time profession here, cause there is no money in it but mere passion that keeps us going. The scene here is not like Europe or N/S America, you know, where bands get shows on an almost regular basis, get the chance to showcase themselves and can catch eyes of big labels or promoters. So, the story over here is a bit different from the rest of the world.

We are doing it here against all the earthly odds, that’s all I can say.

Really, do you play live? How difficult or easy is to organise a concert? Have you got any live experiences to share with us so far?

Yes, we recently debuted in a gig called Rock For Light organized by people from the local scene in our city and the experience was great. I mean we were all ready to unleash the heavy/speed fury and the response from the crowd was superb and they cheered for us. We’d like to thank everyone of them who stood beside us and made that night memorable for all of us, and we played a special MANILLA ROAD tribute at that gig in the loving memory of the Poet, Philosopher and Prophet Sir, Mark “The Shark” Shelton. I mean we had to do this, since this band and the man himself inspired us so deeply through his vision and music and it’s a first ever MANILLA ROAD tribute gig in India that we did. It was a night that we all will cherish till the end. Carpe Diem!!!

It is very difficult to organize gigs over here, due to the lack of funds, lack of a large following, and lack of support from the mainstream – such as lack of venues, lack of revenue, etc. It’s pretty much DIY at this point.

Can we say that internet has helped you one way or another to promote your music?

Yes, of course it did. It broke all the barriers you know.

Can you refer to bands or artists that have influenced you as a band?

Tough call. But more important ones are Manilla Road, Judas Priest, Motorhead, Razor, Exciter, Agent Steel, Mercyful Fate, Tyrant (USA), Cirith Ungol, and many more.

Can you refer on the lyric topics of your songs?

Till now we’ve three compositions which deal with topics like fantasy, horror, and evil. And apart from that we’ve some newer ideas that we’re still working on and will reveal in the near future.

How would you describe the music of your band to someone that has never heard it?

We hope that folks who have grown up listening to the classic metal music from the 80s would find the same essence in our music, but from a new and different interpretation.

Have you got a special message to carry to the readers that are reading this interview currently?

Well a message that we heard many times is: “never give up on your dreams and passion”. You got only one life so go for it. Work hard, never feel bad when someone laughs at your dream, keep the fire burning inside you and channelise it in a productive way. Someday we all will die but the art, the songs you create they will all remain immortal in everyone’s heart, keep this in mind and give your best shot.

Believe and Dream, ’cause it does come true.

Describe the best and the worst moments so far on your career as a band. Please describe the most difficult situation that you have come through so that we can understand the very special case to have and run a heavy metal band in your country

We got a huge response after releasing our first song, Terror Striker, not only from the local scene but also from many corners of the world. Many of our idols, like Exciter, Attacker, Traitor’s Gate, Attika, Tyrant, and many more liked our job, encouraged us and praised our music. It’s so surreal man, to get accolades from those whom you worshipped for years.
Our both songs got aired on U.S radio and it’s a huge honor for a small band like us and all thanks to the mighty Bobby ‘leatherlung’ Lucas the vocalist of legendary USPM band Attacker who helped us in every possible way.

The most difficult situation for us was to find like-minded musicians who were interested in doing old school heavy metal music. The idea for this band has been there since 2014, and only in about 2017, we started off on making music.

Does your country have an organised base of metal fans? Are people down there familiar with heavy metal music? If you cannot speak generally about your country please refer to your city or town. Are there many metalheads around? Do they support your band locally?

Yes, there is a small but growing base for metal music over here. Nowadays, folks across the country try to organize gigs on a semi-regular basis, some more successful than the others. More and more people are becoming aware of this style of music, and many of them are picking up the instruments and forming bands. We have a small but dedicated community of bands and followers. Personally, we are fortunate enough that from the very beginning we’ve received huge support and love from the local metalheads and we will be forever in debt to them for their eternal support.

Mustang loves and respect all of them. Hails!

Have you ever thought of changing country in order to run your heavy metal band on different or even more comfortable situations?

Yes, that would make it much easier to make our music and spread it, however, we’re poor. And the situation in our home country, our history and our culture, is what gives us the urge/push to make this music in the first place.

That was it guys. Close the interview as you like. Thanks very much!

We would like to thank Christi for her untiring support and Forgotten Scroll for this honor. Take the torch with pride and keep on spreading heavy metal to the world. Love your family always, in the end they matter the most.

“You are not burning, look inside
Crystal Logic you will find”

Lots of love and warm greetings from, India.
Up the hammers and down the nails!

MUSTANG family.