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HERZEL – Le Dernier Rempart

It's been a long time since I really focused on a French Heavy Metal record, although I must admit that I have actually spent...

TRAVELER – Termination Shock

It seems like yesterday when I did a review on TRAVELER's debut album. At that point of time the band had created a buzz...

SKELATOR – Cyber Metal

Yes I admit SKELATOR have always been a guilty pleasure for me. Their ultra cheesy themes combined with the raw guitar driven metal sound...


I was always fond of the Italian metal scene. Not only it gave us some really cool metal acts, but most of them have...
Iron Griffin - Curse of the Sky

IRON GRIFFIN – Curse of The Sky

I have something to say: I hate this "proto" thing. Not the actual music, but the term. It's another stupid industry gimmick just to...

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ACHELOUS – Northern Winds

In case you missed it, ACHELOUS are home straight in releasing their new album entitled "The Icewind Chronicles" and inspired by the β€œIcewind Dale”...


I guess that for the readers of Forgotten Scroll, ETERNAL CHAMPION from Austin, Texas, US, need no special introduction. Their β€œArmor of Ire” debut is already identified as a classic on the Epic Metal genre. They are about to march into battle again, releasing a second album called "Ravening Iron", so yes, this is a good chance for a discussion with the band's singer Jason Tarpey.