AFTER DARKMasked By Midnight (The Anthology)”

After Dark was put together in Woodley Berkshire in England in 1980. It was in 1981 that the band recorded the classic single “Evil Woman” which enjoyed a lot of success mainly through lots of airplay on Tommy Vance’s Radio 1 rock show, and also via its distribution by Pinnacle Records. The band gigged extensively, doing lots of support slots to big acts of the time, like Y&T, Trust and Samson. In 1983 After Dark were picked up by the record and management company Lazer and were soon recording a debut album.

The band were then asked to do a support tour with Diamond Head. As the album was still being recorded, Lazer decided to put out a promotional picture disc with 2 tracks from the forthcoming album “Masked By Midnight“. These tracks were the now legendary “Deathbringer” with “Call Of The Wild” on the B side. The tour was a great success for the band, and the picture single sold very well. But with the tour and finishing the album costing so much money, it was decided that the album could not be released, which was a big mistake and a disappointment at the time.

However After Dark continued to gig and carried on for another 2 years before it was decided that a split was inevitable. The album was finally released more than a decade later, in 1996, and was available as a limited edition pressing…

We’re now 22 years later and Skol Records is bringing a forgotten NWOBHM jewel back to light. “Masked By Midnight (The Anthology)” includes the full studio album recorded in the ’80s, 2 tracks from a previously unreleased single from 1981, as well as 3 tracks from the classic debut single, “Evil Woman”.

Masked By Midnight (The Anthology)” includes the legacy of the unsung heroes of New Wave of British Heavy Metal and will be released on vinyl by No Remorse Records (licensed by Skol Records).

AGGRESSORBy Any Means Necessary

Helstar, S.A. Slayer, Juggernaut, Militia, Watchtower… Texas gave birth to a bunch of excellent heavy metal bands. Some of them became well known on the international scene, and some of them are known to a small circle of die hard followers only.

Hard to say what would happen to Aggressor if they would release more than just one album in 1992, or if they would release it on a major label back in the day. But one thing is sure: “By Any Means Necessary” is a piece of traditional US heavy metal of the highest quality. Massive rhythm section, aggressive riffs, great vocal lines and great solos – sounds like a recipe for a perfect heavy metal album, doesn’t it?

By Any Means Necessary” is often called a “holy grail” of heavy metal, as the album was originally available in micro quantity only, and never reissued. The original CD is probably one of the most rare heavy metal releases, and surely one of the most expensive ones. Skol Records is proud to present the first official CD reissue of this pure heavy metal gem!

By Any Means Necessary” will be released on a double vinyl set by No Remorse Records (licensed by Skol Records).

Release date and further details TBA on time.