BLACK SWORD THUNDER ATTACK signed with No Remorse Records


BLACK SWORD THUNDER ATTACK debut release revealed and pre-order starts.

The first official release of BLACK SWORD THUNDER ATTACK, a cult obscure Epic Heavy Metal band from Greece, had reached a mythical status!

The underground metal scene was waiting for this release for years… Now, the myth becomes reality.

Highly recommended for fans of LORDIAN GUARD and WARLORD, the debut mini-album is entitled “March of the Damned” and the tracklist is:

1. Don’t Hear the Sirens
2. Evil Sorcery
3. The Messenger
4. March of the Damned / Through the Fires of Hell

The limited edition pressing will be:

500 hand numbered copies MCD
PRE-SALE | Release date: March 13, 2020

400 hand numbered copies on black vinyl | 100 hand numbered copies on silver vinyl

PRE-SALE | Release date: April 24, 2020

Order and reserve your copies at