LOST REALM RECORDS posted the following update on their facebook page:

So we have reached our 30th release …

And it will be, quite possibly, one of the best 2019 releases! Hailing from Chicago, IL, we bring you BLACKLYST, with their crushing cassette album β€˜Liars, Killers & Master Thieves’. A well-known cassette album among US Metal enthusiasts, featuring members of Aurora’s Metal heroes AMULANCE (lead guitarist Bob Luman and drummer Eric Wedow), BLACKLYST delivers one of the greatest examples of US Power Metal from the early 90’s, done the right way: recorded in 1990, but sounding like it was 1987!

A magnificent production, with splendid songwriting, full of drive and power, together with top-quality vocals, easily places the β€˜Liars, Killers & Master Thieves’ cassette among the best US Metal tapes ever recorded! We are thrilled to bring you this CD release!

With the help of bassist/vocalist Mark Schwenk, we compiled a total of 14 songs (β€˜Liars, Killers & Master Thieves’ cassette + demo songs), together with a 20-page CD booklet, comprising band biography, song lyrics and rare photos. Another deluxe CD edition, as we have accustomed our followers, for this great cassette album, never released in CD before!

Out June 2019!

Lost Realm Records