Ced (Cederick Forsberg), guitarist and mainman behind BLAZON STONE, stated that he’ll not go on with BLAZON STONE.

In a statement published earlier today, the guitarist said that “There’s nothing original about this project I can be proud of” and that trying to get a steady line up has been difficult.

Here’s his statement:

It’s time to let Blazon Stone die.
For the last few years I’ve tried to find suitable band members that are both talented and passionate. I cannot find a singer. I cannot find a drummer. I have tried everything can no longer come up with any new ideas how to keep the ship above surface.

I also don’t any longer enjoy the whole concept of Blazon Stone:
The whole idea from the start was just to record a “RW style” album for fun. As the song writing quality stepped up a lot with “War Of The Roses” and “Down In The Dark” (compared to the first 2) I felt like this can actually become something and I got ambitious… And then entered the nightmares of trying to actually have a functioning line-up. But the concept is the thing I like the least: There’s nothing original about this project I can be proud of. It’s just blatant copy of an existing band. There’s individual songs I’ve written that I’m proud of, but that’s not enough.

Of course I’m thankful for various temporary live stand-ins like vocalist Philip Forsell, both drummers Daniel Sjögren and Kalle Löfgren, as well as bass players Jimmy Mattsson and Kevin Crona, and let’s not forget 2nd guitarist Emil!

But I can’t go on like this anymore.

There’s obviously no interest among any great musicians to join Blazon Stone for a real line-up. And I cannot afford to hire professional musicians for live use either, because there’s really not a lot of money involved when a band is at this size. Bands like Sabaton or Hammerfall may be able to hire anybody they want to because they have big labels backing if needed. I don’t have anything to save this sinking ship anymore.

Of course I’m thankful for all fans who has bought the albums, but I still cannot simply summon any talented musicians out of nowhere.

Now it’s over.
I have given up on Blazon Stone.
There’s nothing more I can do.
I have tried as much as I can.

Thanks for all /// C.