CRYPT SERMON: Debut Song “Key of Solomon” and Announce Second Album


Four years have passed since American doom bringers CRYPT SERMON unfurled their widely-acclaimed debut, “Out of the Garden”. The time has arrived for the quintet to issue their next effort, “The Ruins of Fading Light”, out Sept. 13, and you can hear the first track, “Key of Solomon,” below.

A thundering epic brought to life by rich, enchanting melodies and mystic visions conjured by the anguished cry of singer Brooks Wilson, “Key of Solomon” cements CRYPT SERMON‘s position as the forebears of the doom metal genre. “Out of the Garden” was no fluke.

“We live in a time where the practices of science and magic serve distinctly different purposes. This was not always the case,” reveals Wilson. “The Italian Renaissance was an age where science and magic intertwined; summoning rituals connected exorcists to esoteric revelations. ‘Key of Solomon’ refers to a pseudepigraphical text of the same name.” The 10-track album will be released through Dark Descent and can be pre-ordered starting July 7 at the label’s webstore.

“The Ruins of Fading Light” was produced by Arthur Rizk (POWER TRIP, INQUISITION, etc).

Crypt Sermon - The Ruins of Fading Light

01. “The Ninth Templar (Black Candle Flame)”
02. “Key of Solomon”
03. “Our Reverend’s Grave”
04. “Epochal Vestiges”
05. “Christ Is Dead”
06. “The Snake Handler”
07. “Oath of Exile”
08. “Enslave the Heathens”
09. “Beneath the Torchfire Glare”
10. “The Ruins of Fading Light”

Source: Loudwire