EXARSIS: Working On New Album; Share Updates For 2019


EXARSIS, thrash metal band from Athens, Greece, shared a message on their Facebook page stating they’re planning to release a new album sometime in 2019. The work is currently in the pre-production stage and the band is wrapping up a few demo tracks.

EXARSIS had to go through some line-up changes that prevented them from performing live as well as touring in promotion of their latest album “New War Order”. More info on the new album to follow soon.

“New War Order” Artwork and Track listing:

Exarsis - New War Order

1. Zionism (The Reaping)
2. Twisted Logic
3. The Underground
4. General Guidance
5. Just Buried
6. Chaos Creation
7. Prophet for Profit
8. Combined Disasters
9. HAARP Weapon
10. Human Project

More info:Β facebook.com/exarsis/