GLACIER posted the following announcement on their facebook page:

Greetings all! Just wanted to say that we have our dates booked – four consecutive weekends in June – at Swift Road Studios to record Glacier‘s upcoming third release, “The Passing of Time.”

We’re doing a full length album with eight tracks, which we’ve been diligently sculpting over the past two years, through roster changes and fantastic travels. We’ll have five brand new songs, written by the current group, and three more, previously unreleased songs, written back in theΒ original era. It’s been a great collaborative effort in constructing, involving lots of entertaining communication with some of the guys who started it all. Very cool to have this chance to work on these songs and bring them to light!

What’s even more cool, for both fans and ourselves, is that we have special guest appearances on the album by original members Tim Proctor and Loren Bates! They’ll be joining us in the studio to lay down some bass and drums for the three classics. Seems like everyone involved is excited and looking forward to this project. We can’t wait till Glacier fans of many ages and nations get to hear our finished work and let us know how we did! (We can’t wait to hear it ourselves!)Β 

Until then, stay metal my friends!