INNERWISH‘s three albums, “Waiting for the dawn“, “Silent faces” and “Inner strength” will be reissued on November 23rd viaΒ Ulterium Records. They will be reissued on CD, digital and for the first time on vinyl. The vinyl editions are limited to 300 copies.

The re-issues were remastered by Peter In de Betou and the booklet includes liner notes by our guitarist, Thimios Krikos.

“This is something that we wanted to do for a quite a long time actually! Some of these albums are really difficult to be found and we often had requests from our fans who wanted to have them in their collection. And besides that, we also wanted them to be released on vinyl for the first time, since they had only been released as CDs and we are vinyl fans ourselves. After talking with our label, Ulterium Records, both sides felt that now was the time for doing so. Why now? Because now we feel confident with our label, we feel stronger than ever and we also think that it’s a good timing since we are in the creative process for our new album and this can nicely fill the gap between the β€˜InnerWish’ album and our new one. We didn’t want to remix the albums, since we wanted them to have the original feeling, but we decided to remaster them in order to have a better sound quality and β€˜refresh’ lets say their sound. We also made some changes to the artwork to make the whole package more attractive even to the ones who already have these releases. We are really happy with how they turned out and we are sure that you, our fans, will appreciate the final result. Enjoy our first three albums, see the band changing and growing through them and wait for our next release! Thank you for all the support up to this day and may all your inner wishes come true!”

The re-issues are available for pre-order at the Ulterium Store here:Β

For our fans in Greece, you will find the reissues at the metal record stores of Athens or you can order them directly from us!

Busy days here, more things coming in the following months!

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