Columbus, Ohio based power metal act JACOBS DREAM has announced the addition of vocalist Kevin Wright to its ranks:

Hey folks. Heres a quick update on things here at the JD camp. We are very blessed to welcome Kevin Wright back to the band. Kevin lent his voice and talents to us on our latest cd Sea of Destiny so hes no stranger to anyone .

We are very happy to have him back in the band are ready to book shows and were working on new material that we know you will enjoy.

So the obvious question this brings to mind is, “what happened to David Taylor? The answer is David will always be a part of Jacobs Dream. However, currently the demands of the band dont fit in with his life right now. Hey, if this was easy anyone could do it. Double that for being a vocalist. But dont worry the door is always open to David and be sure you havent heard the last of him.

We are in the process of booking some regional shows for the remainder of 2018 and looking forward to big things for next year. Hope to see you soon.

Jacobs Dream