On March 21st, Joe Stump returns with a new blistering solo album just as he announces joining the legendary Alcatrazz with ex-Rainbow/MSG singer Graham Bonnet replacing Yngwie Malmsteen and Steve Vai!

The American shred guitar legend returns with his newest effort Symphonic Onslaught which can only be described as one fierce slab of guitar driven metal, the follow up to his critically acclaimed  2015 release The Dark Lord Rises.

According to a press release, Symphonic Onslaught  contains everything you’ve come to expect from a Joe Stump solo release:  jaw dropping technical shred guitar pyrotechnics, dark classically influenced compositions containing strong melodies and killer riffs as well as the seamless blending of various schools of hard rock and metal. Once again this is another release that’ll appeal to both guitar enthusiasts as well as fans of guitar driven metal. Whether it’s the Hendrix meets Blackmore old school hard rock of Stratocastle or the black metal meets thrash meets power metal viciously heavy Facemelting Devestation or the neo-classically fueled Hit The Deck, Stump continues to proudly wear his influences on his sleeve.”

Symphonic Onslaught features:
“Demonic Trance”
“Hit The Deck”
“On With The Action”
“The Beast Within”
“Facemelting Devastation”
“The Road To Ruin”
“Swedish Assassin”
“From The Maestro’s Book”
“Mayhem Ensuues”
“The Bullet Train Express”


Joe Stump