LORD VICAR: Premiere Song ‘Impact’ From Upcoming Album [Video]


LORD VICAR, doom metal outfit from Finland, premiere new official music video from their forthcoming full-length “The Black Powder”. The album will be released through The Church Within Records on May 3rd.

You may watch the video below:

Guitarist Kimi KΓ€rki stated that:

“It was a wonderful Finnish winter adventure to record our fourth album “The Black Powder”. Pretty much everything was done in February and March 2019, including mixing and mastering, again with Joona Lukala at Noise for Fiction. Everything is still fresh for us as well, and we can’t wait to get to play these monsters live in May! We have had a new bass player, Rich Jones, aboard for quite long now, but this is the first time he was in studio with us. We were able to hammer drums, bass and the first rhythm guitar live, and that adds a nice organic feel for the album. Gareth (Millsted, drums) was more involved in songwriting, and this time we arranged the songs quite carefully in Switzerland before hitting the studio. Chritus (vocals) lost his voice before his second studio day, but this medicine that is meant for snake bites healed him nicely.

“We never did a proper video for LORD VICAR before, and decided to do it totally DIY for ‘Impact’, the seventh track of the album. Studio live footage was an obvious choice for this kind of a hard rocking tune, but I also wanted to give a visual nod for the theme of mortality and how sometimes authors are forgotten and only receive proper fame post mortem. Nightmares feature heavily on this album, so this is a tribute to some artists who captured the darkness, shadows, and sheer horror in writing. Have a Good Friday, up the hammers, down the nails.”Β 

“The Black Powder” artwork and track listing:

1. Sulphur, Charcoal and Saltpetre
2. Descent
3. World Encircled
4. Levitation
5. The Temple in the Bedrock
6. Black Lines
7. Impact
8. Nightmare
9. A Second Chance

More info:Β facebook.com/lordvicar