MANOWAR: Announce Reissues of “Into Glory Ride” and “Hail to England” Albums


MANOWAR bring new life and power to “Into Glory Ride” and “Hail To England” with 96k remix and remasters for the new millennium. The reissues will be out in spring 2019. The band put out a statement that you’re able to read below:

Every artist dreams of what it would be like to revisit their early works; not because they are dissatisfied and do not stand behind their work, but because their creative mind never stops hearing what more can be done, as newer technology allows those dreams to become reality.

Many artists never have the chance to do this, because materials are lost or not available.

Not so with MANOWAR!

The band’s archive has been meticulously maintained and thus, MANOWAR have revisited the very original multitrack master recordings of two of their classic masterpieces; “Into Glory Ride” and “Hail To England”.

Initially released in 1983 and 1984 the original multitrack master recordings have now been transferred from analog to digital in 96kHz quality, which adds the depth, the power and the clarity that could not be present in the original mixes and masters. Remixed and remastered in MANOWAR’s own Valhalla studios, you will finally hear these tracks for the first time as they were originally envisioned; in full power and super high fidelity, only made possible through today’s technology.

The “Into Glory Ride – Imperial Edition” and “Hail To England – Imperial Edition” will be released in spring 2019. Stay tuned for more updates!

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