MEMORIAM: Premiere New Song


MEMORIAM, old school death metal band that rose from the ashes of BOLT THROWER, premiere a new lyric video for their new single “Shell Shock”. It’s the first track to be premiered from the group’s new release “Requiem For Mankind“, out in stores June 21st via Nuclear Blast.

The band stated:

“A new MEMORIAM song, a new approach, and as with all our albums a new sound for us to use. ‘Shell Shock‘ is the first track we recorded for the “Requiem For Mankind album”. It is a bit of a death metal headbanger of a track! Subject wise, it deals with the effects of being on the frontline amongst all the noise and chaos of a horrific war situation from an individual standpoint, and also that the soldier does not die from an enemy bullet! Sound wise it needed to sound a bit epic, we think we have achieved this on ‘Shellshock’ and have used this as the blueprint sound throughout the album.”

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