RHODIUM just released a new video clip for the song “Scream into the void” featuring their new singer Mike Livas.

This is the official presentation of Mike Livas singing for the band.

The release party for the band’s debut album “Scream into the Void” will take place at Crow Club (Greece)  on October 21st

“Scream into the Void” Artwork & Track listing:

Rhodium - Screaming To The Void

1. Detour to Insanity
2. Scream into the Void
3. Unjust Slaughter
4. The Fall
5. Tower of Despair
6. Flaming Sorrow
7. Lucid Dream
8. A Memory of Light
9. Enter Nowhere
10. Lovespell


Formed in 2017 by Loukas Wolv Antoniou, RHODIUM is a Greek progressive/power metal band that has a 10 track LP in its arsenal. The first Album entitled “Screaming Into The Void” was released on the 28th of June 2018 and can be purchased on our bandcamp official page https://rhodium-official.bandcamp.com/.

The band manages to craft a mix of modern heavy metal sounds, and memorable melodies, where the centerpiece is the powerful progressive guitar breaks. Aspa Feanor composed most of the lyrics with her great poetic inspiration, which combine themes of personal experiences and profound emotions.


Alex Kolettis – Bass
Dimitris Spirakis – Drums
Loukas Wolv Antoniou – Guitars
George Theofilas – Guitars
Mike Lee (Livas) – Vocals

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