RON JARZOMBEK: Releases ‘The Ink Panther’ Remake of The Classic “The Pink Panther Theme” Song


RON JARZOMBEK, perceived byΒ many as the “Godfather of Technical Metal”, released his rendition of the classicΒ “The Pink Panther” theme called “The Ink Panther”. As stated in his social media profile,Β “The Ink Panther” is the first of three classic themes/songs renditions he’s currently working on, all of which have word plays based on the names of his main recording projects.

You may watch the video bellow:

The statement reads:

Reminiscent of how SPASTIC INK took the themes and melodies from the movie ‘Bambi’ and twisted the rhythms around to compose ‘A Wild Hare’, on this song I took the triplet (swing, shuffle) feel of the original ‘Pink Panther Theme’ song, and redistributed the rhythms and melodies into sixteenth note patterns. Lots of the notes fall on the β€œe” and β€œa” beat divisions, resulting in a more syncopated feel, thus giving my remake the song title β€˜The Ink Panther’.

This is the first of 3 songs that I’m working on that have word plays based on the names of my main recording projects over the years (SPASTIC INK, BLOTTED SCIENCE and WATCHTOWER). A JIMI HENDRIX classic is up next.

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