SHELTON & CHASTAIN: Lost Songs Αppeared


The Heavy Metal world was shocked about the unexpected death of one of its legends: Mark Shelton. Mark was a musician with many projects and one of his last ones was the long forgotten idea to release songs he did many years ago with David T. Chastain.

In February 2018 Mark Shelton and David T. Chastain began discussions about releasing some music they had recorded together in the late 80s. Over the following months they worked together in getting everything ready for release in late 2018. Just 2 days before Mark’s passing he was sending in thoughts and comments to be included in the final product. Everyone involved knew how excited Mark was about this release and we wanted to make sure it was released exactly in the way Mark wanted.

Two extraordinary musicians working together on great songs with the 80s spirit: epic, melodic, heavy, unique! Of course: MANILLA ROAD and CHASTAIN joining in the 80s means nothing less than a masterwork! So you will be able to listen to a long hidden treasure of Heavy Metal history! In remembrance of Mark Shelton, David T. Chastain and Pure Steel Records want to give these songs a place in Metal history to complete the incredible life work of a Metal master!

Release date: Check our news! We are in the final preparation work!

Mark Shelton (R.I.P.) – vocals, lyrics, melodies
David T. Chastain – guitars, bass, drum programming