Jonathon Stewart the singer of the Illinois based bands SLAUTER XSTROYES (Chicago, Illinois) and ENERGY VAMPIRES (Ohare, Illinois)  passed away. He suffered from lung cancer. The news of his death have been posted on facebook walls of various SLAUTER XSTROYES members. John Stewart did the vocals on both SLAUTER XSTROYES albums “Winter Kill” (1985) and “Free the Beast” (1998). He also delivered his magnificent singing on his ENERGY VAMPIRES project that was active in the early 90s.


Slauter Xstroyes is a cult epic metal band from Chicago, USA. The band was founded when guitarist Paul Kratky (who, in those days, was planning to form a band called Naj) met bassist Brent Sullivan and singer John Stewart. Drummer Dave Bonow joined the band and Slauter Xstroyes released their first album, Winter Kill, in 1985. Only 500 copies were distributed in the area around Chicago. It was only around 1987 that the band entered the studio to make their second album, Free the Beast, which was never completed and, for a long time, never published. The band had to face many difficulties in the scene, but continued to play live in the area around Chicago until 1998, when Free the Beast was finally released.