SORROWS PATH: Release New Lyric Video For “My Chosen God” Taken From “Touching Infinity”


SORROWS PATH, power/progressive doom metal band from Greece, released a new lyric video for song “My Chosen God”. The song features a guitar soloΒ Thiago Oliveira (WARRELΒ DANE) and is takenΒ from the “Touching Infinity” album which was released in 2017 by Iron Shield Records.

You may watch the video below:

SORROWS PATH will be performing live the following dates:

September 29th 2018 w/ MEDEN AGAN @ Methodia, Athens
December 22nd 2018 w/ PARADISE LOST @ Piraeus 117 Academy

“Touching Infinity” Artwork and Tracklist:

Sorrows Path - Touching Infinity

1. Intro to Infinity 00:28
2. Fantasies Will Never Die
3. Leneh
4. My Chosen God
5. Metaphysical Song
6. The Subconscious
7. Beauty
8. Forgiveness
9. Revival of Feminine Grandeur
10. Touching Infinity