An Update on Oz Fox’s (STRYPER) Medical Condition; Brain Tumors Have Grown


Oz Fox, guitarist for christian metal band STRYPER, shared an update regarding his medical condition.

Hello friends,

First of all, I would like to say thank you for all of the prayers and continued support. I couldn’t think of having this journey without all of you in my life.

Today the report from the doctor was a little less than I expected. But whatever! I truly, truly believe that God has a plan for all of this. He has come through for me so many times in my life. I’m not going to worry about this at all. But I have to face facts. I’m not getting any younger. I have to start thinking about what to do with my time and better manage it. My wife, close family and close friends know me to be a chill person. So really I’m chilling out about all the stupid stuff. The STRYPER band and staff is being very supportive. They have been so awesome through all this! I love them dearly! Same goes for my boys from SIN CITY SINNERS and HART ATTACK. And a big shout-out to all my new Las Vegas family who are always encouraging me and are always concerned for my well-being. Of course to all of you around the world offering your prayers and positive words, thank you.

I will be in South America soon and other dates in the U.S. will be coming up. I’m looking forward to seeing all the awesome fans! After that, one day at a time…

Below is Annie’s dictation from the doctor.

Love ya,

Update on Oz’s tumors:

Originally, Each lesion was:

On August 12, 2018 Acoustic Neuroma was 2.2 by 1.7 centimeter.
On July 23, 2019 a new scan was taken: 2.7 by 1.7 centimeters.

It has grown.

Doctor recommends radiation ASAP because if tumor grows to 3 centimeters, it will be no longer able to be treated with radiation. Going beyond 3 centimeters, an operation to remove tumor will cause facial palsy/droop as well as being a tough/risky surgery to recover from.

The radiation side effects will give Oz permanent hearing loss completely in one ear. Possibly facial palsy. A tiny risk the tumor will grow from radiation.

But if the tumor isn’t dealt with, it will continue to grow & cause hearing loss, balance, vision & spinal problems.

0. On August 12, 2018 the rear glioma tumor on the right side was 27.77 millimeters by 30.53 millimeters.

On July 23, 2019 a new scan was taken: 35.1 by 33.8 millimeters.

It has grown.

The other tumor is a low grade glioma (doctor says possibly a oligodendroglioma or a pilocytic astrocytoma glioma.

Location: back of brain. Area where left side of arm, hands, body operate. The risk to remove it will affect the upper left motor function, and potential ability to recognize faces, objects.

This tumor cannot be treated by radiation alone, like the first one. First order is biopsy, to find out what kind it is. If surgery looks like the only option, then a combo of chemo & radiation to stop the growth. This one will most likely need to be treated after the first one, because as it progresses, it will be difficult to remove.

We are asking for prayer, above all things we are trusting God.


Oz’s latest release with STRYPER was “God Damn Evil” which was released in 2018 via Frontiers Records.

God Damn Evil

STRYPER frontman, Michael Sweet, will be releasing his solo album “X” on October 11 via Rat Pak Records / Frontiers Records.

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