TANITH: Sign Worldwide Deal with Metal Blade Records


Metal Blade Records is proud to welcome TANITH to its worldwide roster! Since the release of their debut 7″ β€˜Citadel’ in February 2018, Brooklyn, New York’s Tanith has garnered a swift rise of interest. Formed between a group of musicians and friends, this US/UK collaboration features the stellar musicianship of Russ Tippins (guitar, vocals) of SATAN fame, this time around sharing lead vocals with Cindy Maynard (bass, vocals) and lead guitar with Charles Newton. The line-up is completed by Keith Robinson on drums.

TANITH comments: “It is a great honor to be working with Metal Blade. We started this band as friends, trying to make something new and exciting. Just one year later, we find ourselves signed to a label that we grew up with.”

While the music is evocative of 70s-era bands like BLUE OYSTER CULT and WISHBONE ASH, the band itself conveys a signature sound, mixing hard rock and folk elements. The dual lead voices and harmonies are warm and melodic, the twin guitars anthemic and soaring, all grounded by Robinson’s adept drumming.

Their first release, β€˜Citadel’, was recorded 100% analog from tape to mixing to cutting the master direct to lathe, making it a very special record. According to Russ, “for some time now, I’ve wanted to make music modelled on the organic sounding bands of the early 1970s. In particular, I wanted to record it entirely on analog tape, the way all music used to be made.” Tracked over two days by Hugh Pool at Excello Studios in Brooklyn, NY, β€˜Citadel’ is the sound of a full band playing live to 2″ tape, with none of today’s digital editing fixes. The 7″ vinyl release of β€˜Citadel’ sold out in 10 weeks.

Since then, Hoove Child Records and Antheos Records have both put out cassette versions of the single, while TANITH made live appearances across the USA, culminating at the Frost and Fire Festival in Ventura, California in 2018.

Following the initial release and tour, the band has been writing to record enough songs for a full-length. Fans can expect this new Tanith album in spring 2019, so stay tuned for more news coming soon!

Photo credit: Chris Shonting.