WHITE WIZZARD: Announce Reunion Featuring New Line-Up; Reveal Details On New Album


WHITE WIZZARD was put to rest by founder and bassist Jon Leon last year. The band released four full length albums that worship old school traditional metal, but never-ending lineup changes plagued the band, among other issues. Now, they’ve reunited, recruiting former members from across different points of the band’s career and are working on a new record.

“In the history of WHITE WIZZARD, it has always been an evolving entity. There has been one singer that has sang twice as many shows than any singer in the band, and to probably 10x the amount of people,” begins a statement from the group.

“There were many tours where Wyatt Anderson backed out last minute due to personal reasons and this singer flew in and saved the day with two weeks to go and we never missed a beat. He’s never gotten to record an album with White Wizzard, but he will now,” the band continues, revealing, “Very happy to announce that ex-Cellador singer and our former touring singer Mikey Dean Gremio will be recording and fronting the band on its next album.”

In praise of Gremio, the statement adds, “He never ever flaked on a show, and always gave his all in every performance and always knew the words and was prepared. Looking like the midwestern offspring of Ripper Owens and an old school outlaw country singer, Mikey is a versatile vocalist with an incredible range and depth.”

Looking to the future, WHITE WIZZARD said, “We are very excited to see the results of Jon’s vocal melody writing and Ralph Patlan’s vocal production on a full length album with Mikey singing.”

Joining Gremio and Leon in the new lineup is guitarist James J. LaRue, who played on WHITE WIZZARD‘s 2018 record, “Infernal Overdrive”, guitarist Will Wallner, who played on the 2013 effort “The Devils Cut”, and drummer Devin Lebsack, who performed on the band’s “Marathon of Dreams” 2014 single. Leon already has an “arsenal” of new material written and a Kickstarter campaign will be announced to coincide with the album’s launch.

“We plan to be very active on social media. We will be doing a special Kickstarter for the album, and plan to post several updates and will be very engaged with fans in the entire process,” said White Wizzard, extending their thanks to the band’s supporters when stating, “Those of you worldwide that have stuck with us-our gratitude is endless, and we hope to keep building the fanbase and look forward to the next chapter. More to come…”

Mikey Dean Gremio – vocals
James J. LaRue – guitar
Will Wallner – guitar
Jon Leon – bass
Devin Lebsack – drums

Source:Β loudwire.com