WOTAN Announce Cover, Tracklist and Release Date for “The Song Of The Nibelungs”


Italy’s masters of epic metal will release their long overdue new
album “The Song Of The Nibelungs” on the 1st of November 2019 via
Germany’s Rafchild Records. The concept album about the german epic
“Nibelungenlied” consists of 18 full songs and almost 100 minutes of
pure epic metal. Today we can also unveil the tracklist and cover
artwork of the album which will be released both on double CD and
double vinyl as well as in digital form. In the near future we will
start the preorders as well as give you a first taste of this monster
of an album with a first lyric video, so sharpen your swords, get
ready to kill some dragons, and prepare for your journey to the land
of the Nibelungs!

Wotan are set to play a show on 29.09. near Milan with their
labelmates LORDS OF THE TRIDENT and Italy’s DRAKKARΒ and will return to
Germany on 07.12.2019 as part of the Riddle Of Steel III festival
alongside ATLANTEAN KODEX, Battleroar and many others.

“The Song Of The Nibelungs” Tracklist:

01. In The Land Of The Nibelungs
02. Kriemhild’s Dream
03. Siegfried’s Journey
04. Schilbung And Nibelung
05. Alberich The Dwarf
06. Balmung (The Gold, The Sword And The Magic Ring)
07. Fafnir (Dragon’s Blood)
08. Fateful Love
09. BrΓΌnhild
10. Deadly Challenge
11. Untamed Queen (Gunther’s Wedding)
12. The Curse Of The Ring
13. Hagen
14. The Hunt
15. Murder
16. Siegfried’s Funeral March
17. Journey To Vengeance
18. Kriemhild’s Revenge

Rafchild Records: facebook.com/rafchild.records
Wotan: facebook.com/WOTAN-Official-Page-110086789007741