ZONDER / WEHRKAMP: Release “The Next Big Thing” Music Video


ZONDER/WEHRKAMP, the band featuring drummer Mark Zonder and guitarist/keyboardist Gary Wehrkamp, recently released their debut album, If It’s Real. Today, the band has unleashed the third production-performance video, for the song “The Next Big Thing”.

Gary on the video: “I’m happy to release this third video from our new record. This was the second song we wrote and recorded. After the first one was done, Mark Zonder emailed me and said, ‘Ok. We have our first song . What’s the next big thing?’ I thought, ‘That’s a good title. Let’s get started’ and immediately started writing. It was so easy after hearing his inspiring drum loop. My good friends Paul Dworakivsky and Rick Fisher (with Ray Palumbo) came over with some cameras and started filing me playing the opening acoustic part. With help from Valerie Shoemaker and Alex Solca, we soon had the start to our first video. I hope you enjoy this! It’s the next big thing!”

The new album is available on all digital download and streaming platforms worldwide. For those who want a physical product, CDs are available via CDBaby and at ZWband.com. Fans who purchase from ZWband.com will receive an autographed copy of the album along with a Zonder/Wehrkamp guitar pick and refrigerator magnet.

Mark Zonder comments on new album: “Please listen to the Zonder/Wehrkamp album as new music, a new experience. Yes, it is Gary Wehrkamp and myself doing the entire record ourselves and artists trademark sounds usually come through the music, but this is not a Warlord, Shadow Gallery or Fates record. This is just Gary and I being creative in a dark, moody and atmospheric way. Enjoy the journey.”

While Zonder/Wehrkamp takes the two musicians on a different path, their musical pasts are very much influences on their current project. “If It’s Real” resonates with a tenebrous emotional intensity wrapped in a more melodic, ethereal sound and philosophical take on progressive hard rock.


“I Can’t Believe”
“If It’s Real”
“I’d Do Anything”
“Last Place”
“Two Years”
“Where Are The Children Going?”
“Too Late”
“The Next Big Thing”
“It’s Not The End”

“Do Anything” video:

“If It’s Real” video:

“Two Years” visual slideshow:

(Photo – Alex Solca)