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1. Razor City2. Midnight Zone3. Vigilo Confido4. Tinker Tanner5. Run to the Fight6. Boiling Seas7. Iron Rain

Third album for the heavy metallers MEGA COLOSSUS from Raleigh, North Carolina, which is called Riptime. The band continues its heavy metal assault, and the fans of the previous two albums will like the band’s new effort a lot.

MEGA COLOSSUS, deliver their traditional heavy metal sound in a quite unique style which is a mixture of speedy forms with epic metal parts. In general, Riptime evokes loads of energy which is the main characteristic of the album. The album’s opener “Razor City” is exactly this case, and one of the speediest songs of the band. The rest of the songs are more versatile and more epic, raising the album to very high levels.

“Midnight Zone” that follows is one of the best tracks of the album, with its opening guitar solo resembling VIRGIN STEELE’s “Veni vidi vici”. Of course, besides this similarity, the track is completely different and the song shows that unique “speedy but epic” feature of the band we described previously. The vocals of Sean Buchanan also play a great role in this, as the adjust perfectly, whether the song is heavier or mid-tempo and epic.

“Vigilo Confido” is also another good mid-tempo song, like IRON MAIDEN playing New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal. But the next song is perhaps the album’s best moment; “Tinker Tanner” is a fantastic well-balanced mid-tempo song with a dramatic feeling that the fans of classic heavy metal will love. The last three songs of the album are its most epic moments. “Run to the Fight” seems to have a rock n’ roll mood, but it evolves into a RIOT-like epic/speed anthem. “Boiling Seas” is an amazing song, like listening to ΒLIND GUARDIAN’s “Valhalla” in a modern US metal version.

MEGA COLOSSUS in Riptime present a very rich kind of heavy metal with lots of references in classic bands as well as the modern scene. From RIOT to BLIND GUARDIAN and from IRON MAIDEN to TRAVELER and the contemporary New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal, the album combines successfully 40 years of heavy metal ideas. In any case, the fans of classic heavy metal, will most likely be thrilled with this new album.

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