IDOL THRONE – A Clarion Call

IDOL THRONE – A Clarion Call
Stormspell Records
Released Year:
1. Ecliptykon2. Covenant of the Immortal3. King Among Jackals4. Petrified5. The Last Voyage6. A Clarion Call7. System Simulacrum8. Falconer's Cry (instrumental)

IDOL THRONE made quite an impact on underground metal fans with their debut album β€˜β€™The Sibylline Age’’ and their fine blending of bay area thrash metal with US power metal. Now, with their sophomore album, they continue on the same path that they have paved initially. Nevertheless, they have matured and developed as a band musically, in a way that the listener will perceive it as a growth and expansion in their music landscape.

The cover artwork of the album is a distinguishing one and catches the attention of the observers’ eyes with the vivid colors and the epic theme, which depicts and relates to the album title β€˜β€™A Clarion Call’’. It was made by Mark Erskine (Erskine Designs), who is an artist that has created a lot of cover artworks for many metal bands and his graphic designs present his unique and very interesting style.

Music wise, from the opening track β€˜β€™Ecliptykon’’, the listener will recognize what the main characteristics of the album will be. That are the galloping, chugging, machine-gun power/thrash riffs accompanied with strong vocals in the style of the very first ICED EARTH albums, FORBIDDEN, SANCTUARY and HELSTAR.

The next three songs β€˜β€™Covenant of the Immortal β€˜β€™, β€˜β€™King Among Jackals β€˜β€™ and β€˜β€™Petrified β€˜β€™, present elaborate chunky riffs with a mutual exchange between clean melodic vocals and more aggressive vocals. The melodic hooks swap repeatedly with thrashier vocal lines.

Apart from the vocal variety Jake Quintanilla (MIND’S HORIZON) is offering, there are neoclassical elements reminding of IMPELLITERI or SYMPHONY X, prog metal touches in the style of FATES WARNING, twin guitar harmonies and awesome blistering solos to complete the amazing technicality and musicianship.

The two co – lead guitarists that formed the band in late 2018, Jason Schultz (WRAITH, MIND’S HORIZON) and Martin Bowman (FARWATCH) are delivering an outstanding result on that field, team mated tightly and very solid by the drummer / percussionist Aaron Grove (AXXIOS) and bassist Trevor Kuta (XENOPREDATOR).

In the second half of the album starting with β€˜β€™ The Last Voyage β€˜β€™ the fans will notice latter BLIND GUARDIAN era influences and more prog metal moments. I would say that the most proggy song is the self-titled one β€˜β€™A Clarion Call’’ in which, many listeners may notice RUSH’s bits and drops.

β€˜β€™System Simulacrum’’ is another very technical song, with many riffs and rhythm changes, a true treasure of prog metal, I found absolutely amazing and culminates the personality of the album, that is ending with a last but not least, beautiful instrumental song called β€˜β€™Falconer’s Cry’’.

Wrapping things up, some fans may like better the more direct and aggressive power / thrash character of the album, others may like the more melodic and epic soaring aspect of it and others the combination of all those elements, given by remarkable virtuosos on the guitars.Β  That’s an album with a load of chugging – intricate riffs and a ton of beautiful elements to relish. IDOL THRONE with their sophomore album, are expanding their sonic mission – vision on metal music and are moving forward with unstoppable force.

β€˜β€™A Clarion Call’’ has been released on May 31st by Stormspell Records and is available on CD and Digital format.


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IDOL THRONE have recently released an album that has made a great impression in metal community, even greater than their debut ''The Sibylline Age''. The sophomore album is called ''A Clarion Call'' and it is destined to establish their name as an emerging and dynamic power in the worlwide heavy metal scene.Β  Forgotten Scroll feels great pleasure to welcome Jason Schultz, who is one of the two IDOL THRONE's guitarists and an excellent songwriter.