THRONE OF IRON – Adventure One

THRONE OF IRON – Adventure One
No Remorse
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1. A Call to Adventure2. Past the Doors of Death3. Dark Shrine of Rituals4. The Power of Will5. Lichspire6. The Fourth Battle of the Ash Plains7. The Allure of Silver8. Wish

This one was quite a surprise. THRONE OF IRON appeared sometime in 2018 with a very promising 3 track demo of pure Heavy Metal which made quite an impact and drew the attention of the underground scene (delivering some more music through various other small releases). As it was expected the band worked hard in order to release their very first full length, which now I have the pleasure of presenting to you.

The band’s clarion call to adventure is simply called “Adventure One”, a compilation of songs inspired not only from the deepest roots of Heavy Metal but also from the band’s members dungeons and dragons’ dwellings. In fact, this might drive off listeners who seek a more serious band concept, yet musically THRONE OF IRON are dead-serious.

So here we have a nicely played Metal album with a touch of both 80s and early 00’s influences, presented under an obscure musical touch.

THRONE OF IRON have a pretty weird way of doing things: while they add some humorous elements, mostly inspired by dungeons and dragons’ sessions, they do perform the songs in a pompous, dramatic manner. Steady riffs, guitar harmonies, dual leads, simplistic but effective song structures and catchy choruses are the ingredients. The inspirations are quite interesting.

For example, songs like “The Fourth Battle of the Ash Planes”, “Dark Shine of Rituals”, “Lichspire” or “Past the Doors of Death” have a strong resemblance to the early 00s bands like BATTLEROAR, or HOLY MARTYR, which means massive riffing and a war torn vibe, while other tracks like “The Allure of Silver” or “A Call to Adventure” have more 80’s oriented influences: MANILLA ROAD, OMEN, JUDAS PRIEST, early SAVATAGE etc. The combination of both song types, creates a diverse album.

Frankly I was amazed with both the songwriting and the overall sound: not because it is flawless, in truth it is very far from that, but because it manages to create a peculiar atmosphere. Please note that the album might not appeal to those who seek sharp and crystal-clear sound production. Neither to those who like a more mainstream (not in a negative way) approach on their Metal music.

To make a long story short, “Adventure One” is a fine example of an underground and more elitist album. It is easy to listen and quite enjoyable if you dwell into it.

The album will be released officially on February 21st, 2020

Check out some album airplay -“Past the Doors of Death” track- by Chris P. on his radio show @ Mercury Radio:

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