SöLICITöR – All Debts On Death (7″ EP)

SöLICITöR – All Debts On Death (7″ EP)
Gates of Hell Records
Released Year:
1. Killer for Hire2. Megalomaniac

After their demo and the EP in 2019, SOLICITOR from Seattle, Washington, deputed in 2020 with the album Spectral Devastation, leaving many promises with their heavy/speed metal style. All Debts on Death, is their brand-new EP which will be released in 7″ vinyl, as well as in digital form.

The album contains two new songs, and the fans of old-school metal will be thrilled. The first song, “Killer for Hire” is a 7-minute speed metal hymn which brings in mind the best moments of the 80’s. Those who miss LIEGE LORD or AGENT STEEL will discover a new favorite song of this kind of metal.

The second song is called “Megalomanic” and it is a bit more thrashy and less speed/power metal than “Killer for Hire”. It brings out a “fast and chaotic” aspect of the band, and it is closer perhaps to first records of EXCITER.

This new release keeps the fans of SOLICITOR warm until their next full-length album, and shows that the band is still in good creative mood. The two tracks are good, and especially “Killer for Hire” has all the makings of the golden era of the 80s US speed/power metal. Good job, and a nice appetizer of what is about to follow.

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