BEYOND FALLEN – As The Spires Fall

BEYOND FALLEN – As The Spires Fall
Underground Power Records
Released Year:
1. The Arrival2. Return of the Sky Gods3. As the Spires Fall4. Bodybreaker5. Destroying Reality6. Seven Scorpions7. The Lifeless Grin8. The Great Distance9. Razor Wire Halo10. Hatecrown

Emerging from Pennsylvania, BEYOND FALLEN have been around for quite some time now, releasing A+ rated heavy metal music and consciously performing their favorite music ignoring modern trends. They are one of these bands that if heavy metal ceased to exist tomorrow, they would kept on turning the gain all the way up to 10 and rock the world.

Apart from what we’ve mentioned before, the band’s activity gave birth to two full-length albums, “Lost In The Shadows” and “Mindfire”, as well as an EP, “Machines Of Corruption”, all of which are through from the band’s Bandcamp page. Now, a couple of years after “Machines Of Corruption”, the band released their newest full-length album called “As The Spires Fall”.

Supposing someone took a look at the album cover without knowing it comes from a 2017 release, shw would probably think it’s one of these mid 90’s U.S. metal gems that are too hard to come by nowadays, and that were massively ignored back then. And the indisputable truth is that BEYOND FALLEN reflect the best features of this long forgotten decade, but with a modern powerful production.

The album’s opening track, “Return Of The Sky Gods”, is a massive one; unfolding with a pounding tempo, being heavily riff-based and with an IRON MAIDEN-esque chorus, this somehow reminded me of James Rivera‘s days in SEVEN WITCHES. That’s what U.S. metal is all about: music expertise mixed with passion and spontaneity. The album progresses on finer caliber of songs with most of them being riff-driven and having some quite speed-y with distinct choruses. However, some of them are quite different. Take for example the superb power ballad “The Great Distance” or the mid tempo and more N.W.O.B.H.M. influenced “Destroying Reality”.

The band’s influences are obvious. They somehow resemble modern VICIOUS RUMORS/AGENT STEEL with a hind of METAL CHURCH, HELSTAR, JUDAS PRIEST, MALICE, CAGE etc. Joe Karavis‘ vocals are aggressive but not to the point they become disturbing, however, the truth is that I would love a more high pitched/melodic approach. Yet they are powerful enough to distinguish him from other singers. BEYOND FALLEN have their own distinctive sound and should you listen to their songs, you could always recognize them.

Best songs of the album? This is a tricky one, yet i would choose the title track, “Hatecrown” and the power ballad “The Great Distance”.

It is really a shame that these great bands remain on underground levels giving only local shows. This is a great release, purely underground that embodies the DIY philosophy. So without a second thought support or rot in the mainstream.

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