SOLITARY SABRED – By fire and Brimstone

SOLITARY SABRED – By fire and Brimstone
No Remorse Records
Released Year:
1. Servants of the Elder Gods2. Assassins of Carthage3. Disillusions4. Invoking the Master5. The Scarlet Citadel (Chronicles of the Barbarian King pt.I)6. Fyres of Koth (Chronicles of the Barbarian King pt.II)7. Psionic Transmogrification8. IX.9. Blestem

Holy mother of Jesus what kind of men would dare to release such a masterpiece?

Yes, SOLITARY SABRED are back, a couple of years later than we expected but better late than ever. And in case you missed their previous album “Redemption through force” make sure you give it a listen, because it’s one of the best U.S. Power metal albums that ever came from outside America.

Yes, SOLITARY SABRED are many miles away from the states, yet mentally they are in the heart of Texas: And this is because their music emits the very essence of US Power Metal: sharp riffs, tempo variations, psychotic vocals and an ever growing notoriety through the songs.

Their main influences consist of bands like HADES, HELSTAR, JAG PANZER, SAVATAGE, early FATES WARNING, WATCHTOWER, late JUDAS PRIEST, CAULDRON BORN, CAGE, VICIOUS RUMORS, SYRUS etc. with KING DIAMOND adding a touch of madness, as their one and only European influence.

So, what makes this album so interesting? In case you have heard the band’s previous albums, you might notice a small change in the style. And before you start sweating, no SOLITARY SABRED haven’t dampened their swords, instead they have gone more epic. Which means that the songs have catchier anthemic choruses, more forlorn melodies, sometimes reminiscent of bands like DOOMSWORD or BATTLEROAR, yet most of them maintain the sharpness and the insanity that was introduced in the previous album. A clear example of what I try to explain is the song “Disillusions” or the complex final track “Blestem”.

Most of the songs are fast and aggressive enough to flirt with speed/thrash metal, yet they maintain their melodic Heavy / Power Metal harmonics. Listen to the magnificent “Psionic Transmogrification” or “Assassins of Carthage” one of the most prominent songs of the year. What’s more the songwriting is more than excellent: It has been some time, since I last heard such original ideas and flawless performance.

“By fire and Brimstone” is on the highlights of the year. Not only that but SOLITARY SABRED is one of the most unique bands around that stands above the sea of mediocrity that it is called modern music industry. Make sure you don’t miss this one.

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