SARTORI – Dragon’s Fire

SARTORI – Dragon’s Fire
Rockshots Records
Released Year:
1. Evil Hearts2. One Distant Heart3. From Hell To Heaven4. Little Aria In G Major (Instrumental)5. Devil In Disguise6. Through The Eyes of My Soul7. Castles of Lost Souls (Instrumental)8. Battles In The Distant Lands9. Dragon's Fire

SARTORI’s first album, Dragon’s Fire, is the first very pleasant surprise for 2022. It is the band of Andy Anderson Sartori, a guitar player born in Brazil with Italian roots who now lives in the United States. It isn’t the first time that the fans of classic heavy metal hear about the album, since it was planned to be released around 2011 under the title Forged by Fire.

The album sounds like it was recorded in the late 80s or early 90s, which means that it follows the norms and rules of that era. Production that gives space to the guitars and vocals, melodic choruses and nice neo-classical riffs and solos. The entire album is based on the simplicity that heavy metal had those days and this is the reason that the album wins over someone whose musical roots are traced back to the 80s.

Dragon’s Fire is a great choice for those who love albums such as, Y. Malmsteen’s Odyssey and Trilogy, as well as Jack Starr’s Burning Starr second record, No Turning Back! Actually, the vocals of Scott Board are very close to the ones that Mike Tirelli used to have back then. But the music and the general feeling are quite close as well, so we can say that someone who considers No Turning Back! one of the best US metal albums, will find SARTORI’s debut very appealing.

The album consists of 7 tracks, plus one instrumental and one small intro, with no exaggerations in every part. From the sound and the feeling of the songs, to the duration of the album, everything reminds us how beautiful this music was in the 80s due to its simple and approachable nature. “Through The Eyes of My Soul” is perhaps the best moment in the album, a great mid-tempo neo-classical song with amazing atmosphere and epic feeling. “One Distant Heart” is also great, bringing in mind the best era of LOUDNESS. But all the songs are, more or less, in the same spirit, which means that the album as a whole is successful.

Andy Sartori made a nice entrance in the field of classic heavy metal with his first album. The fans of Jack Star’s early albums, as well as those of Y. Malmsteen and Axel Rudi Pell, will find Dragon’s Fire a very interesting record with many enjoyable songs.

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