IN AEVUM AGERE – Emperor of Hell – Canto XXXIV

IN AEVUM AGERE – Emperor of Hell – Canto XXXIV
Metal on Metal Records
Released Year:
1. Emperor of Hell2. Intro3. The City of Dis4. Malebolge5. In Phlegethon (instrumental)6. Chiron7. Sorrowful Goodbye8. Allegorical Images (Universal Destiny)9. The Straight Path Was Lost

After two LPs and a couple of EPs, ΙΝ ΑΕVUM AGERE, the doom metal duet of Bruno Masulli (guitars/vocals) and Claudio Del Monaco (drums), return with their new work entitled Emperor of Hell – Canto XXXIV, which is inspired by Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy.

ΑΕVUM AGERE’s new album is a very good choice for those who miss the sound of early CANDLEMASS, and especially their first four albums.  Emperor of Hell is very close to the feeling of that era of CANDLEMASS, with the main difference being the vocals of Bruno Masulli which are more epic and less operatic than those of Messiah Marcolin. So, someone who likes slow-paced, epic and atmospheric doom metal with mystifying vocals and great guitar work, will be satisfied by Bruno Masulli’s new effort.

The album is in general very good, and all of its tracks have something to offer to the listener. The opening track, “Emperor of Hell” is the heaviest moment of the album, but the rest of the album is more epic and atmospheric. “The City of Dis” travels you from the 80s doom (CANDLEMASS) to the 90s (SOLITUDE AETURNUS) with great ease, and is one of the best songs of the album. Many fans will be thrilled with “Sorrowful Goodbye” which could be described as a hymn to the entire 35-year-old epic doom metal scene. It is fantastic song and one of the best tracks for 2021.

The last two songs are the essence of the album and what epic doom metal represents. “Allegorical Images” and “The Straight Path Was Lost” have an amazing epic and lyrical mourning style, creating a very beautiful dreamy atmosphere. The fans of all kinds of heavy metal who like the melodic aspect of this music, should check those tracks.

Bruno Masulli is a very dedicated heavy metal fan and musician and the new album of ΙΝ ΑΕVUM AGERE could not disappoint someone who follows closely his bands – check also ET SIGNVM ERAT and their amazing Some of Those Memories ΕΡ. The fans of doom metal have one more great album to listen to when they feel lonely, poetic, but always epic!

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