FATE'S HAND – Fate’s Hand

FATE'S HAND – Fate’s Hand
Dying Victims Productions
Released Year:
1. Fate's Hand2. Fascination3. What’s Been Will Be Again4. When the Wolf Comes

I was fine tuned on a positive vibe before I even hear a single track by those newcomers. You know how it goes, a new Heavy Metal band, an obscure name, an “exotic” country of origin -Australia-, and a debut release that categorized under the Mini LP format -for the vinyl edition-. Yes, all my radars were already on. I WANTED the music to be good enough because the rest of the old, good fetish stuff, was shaping a good package on my personal universe.

So yeah, what is this all about? Well, this is the self-titled debut EP by FATE’S HAND that will be released on July 30th, on CD and 12” vinyl formats by Dying Victims Productions.

FATE’S HAND comprises various members from Australia’s esteemed extreme metal scene, such heavyweights as MONGREL’S CROSS, IMPETUOUS RITUAL, and STARGAZER. However their sound has nothing to do with the Extreme Metal globe. FATE’S HAND are delivering a fabulous type of classic Heavy Metal mixed with Speed Metal touches and developed under a dark and epic aesthetic. The band’s music is stormtaking but ominous, dived into the misty seas of obscurity.

Riff based and pounding the band’s steel remains into the dark side of the realm. The four songs of the EP are carrying a mystical vibe, bringing into my mind some favorite pieces of Australian steel and their top obscure moments: TARAMIS – “Queen of Thieves” debut and ZEN VENOM – “From Another Planet” LP. 

I can in fact find a perfect balancing between the classic Heavy Metal forms -that here are used as a serious starting point in here- and the -mainly- epic aesthetic that comes to front thanks to many vocal and lead guitar parts. But do not get me wrong in here: the opus has to do with tales forever lost and forgotten, with something strange that haunts the sky: a loud destructive and fast striking thunder full of power: like the music of this new band: Yeah I can even discover lots of Speed Metal elements on their music, not only due to the tempo of their songs but mainly due to the riffing styles and formulas that are used on the band’s material.

Australian Heavy Metal always carried something special and the music of those newcomers still follows this particular rule. The four tracks of this particular release are a very good first taste of battle-masterring still mystical Steel. I hope that the future will bring even better stuff.

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