FORTRESS – Fortress

FORTRESS – Fortress
High Roller Records
Released Year:
1. Witchcraft2. Midnight Dream3. Bloodmoon4. Peace in Hell

I will put it simply: “Witchcraft” is the best Heavy Metal song I listened during 2018. I found myself simply not being able to move on and listen to the next tracks included on this self titled private Mini CD by California’s FORTRESS. First time I was checking the release and I listened “Witchcraft” almost 15 times before moving on to “Midnight Dream” track that follows (ps. I am sure that when you listen the amazingly played lead parts of the very specific “Midnight Dream” track, you will simply not believe in your ears).

California still rocks! You don’t believe me right? OK folks. Do yourself the favor and listen to the debut release by those newcomers. You will be blown away in absolutely no time by their first class Heavy Metal. Amazing vocals, fantastic guitar riffing and solos, and songs that make you simply to bang your fucking head. Yes as simple as that.

This is the kind of Metal that is actually sticking in your mind. and it seems that FORTRESS know how to compose and deliver it straight in your face. To my ears they sound so passionate and original that I simply can not get enough. It seems I am stuck to their Metal!

They actually manage to combine the melodic side of US Metal with some European -NWOBHM in particular- influences that are mainly presented to their “Bloodmoon” track which somehow managed to bring me that vibe of IRON MAIDEN‘s same titled debut album, thanks to the riffing and the solos. However the mid range vocals of the track actually reminded me the way BRUCE DICKINSON theatrically handles his mid range vocal lines. Although I must notice that in this very specific track the singer Chris Scott Nunez hits an extremely high vocal range on the song’s crescendo The point is that all the above mentioned influences are combined together very carefully, offering a very special result especially in the “Bloodmoon” tune and on their other tracks as well.

And yes I must dedicate a small paragraph to refer to the fantastic vocals of Chris Scott Nunez. A very colorful voice, able to hit those high notes. On each and every song of this release you will be able to hear some fantastic melodies. Chris sings with passion each and every line. From his mid to his high range he carries a really special vibe.

“Peace in Hell” is probably the darker composition in here. Kicking ass with a killer opening riff, based on mid tempo and offering some great vocal melodies. And some more fantastic leads in here as well. Amazing stuff.

FORTRESS delivered some high class Metal and they deserve our support. The private pressing of the CD is already out so send them a message and ask for it. “Fortress” will also be available on vinyl and CD by High Roller Records (out 25/01/2019).

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