RED RAVEN / PROPHET – Future Fortunes

RED RAVEN / PROPHET – Future Fortunes
Released Year:
1. Red Raven - Another Nightmare2. Heart Of Being3. Future Fortunes4. Between The Lines5. Endless Time6. Walking Through Time7. Prophet - Open Your Eyes8. Future Fortunes (1988 Version)9. Caught (In Memory)10. Endless Time (1988 Version)11. Living In The Days12. So Much To Say

This is not just another reissue: This is a wonderful voyage to deep emotion and musical expression. This is the kind of music that deserves to live eternally and not to be buried on a dusty vault, under future fortunes its travel begins again!

RED RAVEN & PROPHET from Kansas City, Missouri, US. Both bands delivered a magnificent combination of Progressive Hard Rock and Melodic Metal featuring the outstanding voice of Don Crosby.

Crosby was the common member, and main composer in both bands(he was the singer of WYRED, another great band from Kansas City, Missouri. Their magnificent full length “Image”).

It is a fact that neither RED RAVEN or PROPHET managed to go too far, developing a musical career or something but fortunately have managed to record some brilliant music: PROPHET released their “Potential” demo back in 1988 and RED RAVEN recorded a bunch of songs back in 1991, songs that remained unreleased until today.

The music of both bands shares lots of common elements and I will start with the vocals: In this material you would be able to hear one of the most emotional, expressive, melancholic and passionate voices captured on tape. Don Crosby’s vocals are blessed by a wonderful and one of a kind color that will bring into your mind Geddy Lee (RUSH), or Larry Dean (TRYTAN), however his vocal arrangements, the characteristic vocal melodies that he is building and -the most important- his expressive range are shaping an one of a kind singer that enlightens each an every song he sings with a unique soulful blessing.

I would like to continue with a reference to the musicianship and songwriting of the overall stuff included in here. No here we do not have “good songs” or “good melodies”, here we are dealing with treasures, real treasures. The music of both bands can be described as an amazing combination of Progressive and Pomp Rock with serious Melodic Metal touches. Yes we can hear common musical features -and common songs- in both bands as the common factor remains: Yes I am referring to the one and only Don Crosby.

The complete set of all these demo recordings is now available on CD. All the songs have been carefully remastered from the original tapes by Kostas Scandalis (Infinity Studios, Thessaloniki, Greece). Don Crosby himself has written the included biography. The one and only existing PROPHET’s photo has been saved, restored and included in the booklet. Complete lyrics are included as well. Kostas Athanasoglou developed the overall artwork of the booklet and arranged a great fantasy cover.

Release Date: July 26th, 2024. Pre order here.

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