HEIR APPARENT – Graceful Inheritance (Reissue, 2022)

HEIR APPARENT – Graceful Inheritance (Reissue, 2022)
Hammerheart Records
Released Year:
1. Entrance2. Another Candle3. The Servant4. Tear Down the Walls5. Running from the Thunder6. The Cloak7. R.I.P. (live)8. Hands of Destiny9. Keeper of the Reign10. Dragon's Lair11. Masters of Invasion12. Nightmare13. A.N.D. ... Dogro Lived On

HEIR APPARENT’s 1986 debut, Graceful Inheritance, is rightfully considered among the best power metal albums of all time. There are a couple of previous re-releases in CD and LP format, but now comes the remastered re-issue of Hammerheart records in CD and various LP colors with restored artwork.

The sound is very good and augments the original quality of the album which remains at the highest levels all these years. Graceful Inheritance is a classic heavy metal monument and one of the albums that characterized an entire era. HEIR APPARENT was among the pioneers of the mid 80s that brought lyrical melodies to the classic IRON MAIDEN/RAINBOW/BLACK SABBATH-DIO era sound, creating the unique style of US power/progressive metal that has written its own history in the field of heavy metal.

“Another Candle”, “Tear Down the Walls”, “Running from the Thunder”, “The Cloak” (if it could only have a bigger duration!), “Hands of Destiny”, “Keeper of the Reign”, “Masters of Invasion”, classic masterpieces of the 80s full of simple but always clever melodies that cause goosebumps every time you listen to them.

Graceful Inheritance was one of the albums that marked a period where heavy metal was transforming into a more sophisticated music genre, showing to the world that metal was much more than speed or dark or evil or drinking-all-night music. The album, along with CRIMSON GLORY’s and QUEENSRYCHE’s debuts, and of course FATES WARNING’s three first records, defined the US power metal field and the entire progressive metal movement that followed.

This re-issue is a very good chance for both the older fans to remember how heavy metal sounded back then, as well as for the new fans who haven’t absorb that amazing period yet.

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