LUZIFER – Iron Shackles

LUZIFER – Iron Shackles
High Roller Records
Released Year:
1. Iron Shackles2. Barrow Downs3. Faltige Schwingen Über Loudun4. Hexer (In Dreiteufelsnamen)5. Wrath Of The Sorcerers6. Der Goldene Reiter7. Attila (Blazing Hooves)

LUZIFER is a quite interesting new band; it is the side project of German thrashers VULTURE and after one EP and one single, they now present their first full-length album, called Iron Shackles.

Their sound is not related to thrash, but goes back to the early 80s and the First Wave of Swedish Heavy Metal, and especially bands such as HEAVY LOAD. They have a similar approach with regards to vocals and the general feeling, but the sound of LUZIFER is modern, and a bit rock and roll-ish.

The album’s opener, β€œIron Shackles” along with the last song, β€œAttila”, and the second song, β€œBarrow Downs” are the most classic heavy metal moments of the album, with great guitar and vocal melodies. Β Especially β€œAttila” is like listening to a hidden epic metal anthem by HEAVY LOAD. β€œHexer” is also a very good song in German that will be appreciated by the fans of classic heavy/epic metal.

β€œWrath of the Sorcerers” and the cover of β€œDer Goldene Reiter” are in the spirit we described above. They have an extended use of keyboards which brings a 70s flavor to the album, and perhaps a mood which shows that this project β€œdoesn’t take itself too seriously” as Stefan Castevet, the singer and guitar player of the band, stated.

Overall, Iron Shackles is an album that mostly depicts that the members of LUZIFER wanted to have fun and play some music that they like. It is mostly addressed to those fans who are curious how a mixture of HEAVY LOAD and QUARTZ would sound like, as well as to those who miss the early 80s Swedish heavy metal/hard rock scene.

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