IRONFLAME – Kingdom Torn Asunder

IRONFLAME – Kingdom Torn Asunder
High Roller Records
Released Year:
1. Blood and Honor2. Soul Survivors3. Majesty of Steel4. Mistress of Desire5. Standing Tall6. Sword of a Thousand Truths7. Riding the Dragons8. Shadow of the Reaper9. Cold Flesh Falls (CD Bonus Track)10. Exile of the Sun (CD Bonus Track)

IRONFLAME is a personal project that embodies the music and artistic vision of a great contemporary heavy metal composer, named Andrew D’ Cagna. They are returning with their 5th full-length album in seven years. The new album is the successor of four marvelous albums of true / traditional heavy metal by the aforementioned prolific songwriter. D’ Cagna is a very active and energetic multi-instrumentalist, that has delivered and continues to deliver his musicianship in several bands such as NECHOCHWEN, BRIMSTONE, ICARUS WITCH, INFIRMARY and in various metal genres as black metal, death metal, thrash metal or even doom metal and stoner.

IRONFLAME is D’ Cagna’s own brain / music child and since 2016, when he formed the project, has focused his main personal effort and attention on this one – man band. That means he writes the music, lyrics, handles all the instruments (guitars, bass, drums) and sings. The only exception to that, are the guitar solos, which are done once again, like in previous albums, by the guitarists Quin Lucas (ICARUS WITCH) and Jesse Scott (DEFY THE TIDE).

The album ignites and strikes fiercely with a mighty triad of up-tempo songs. β€˜β€™Blood and Honor’’, β€˜β€™Soul Survivors’’, and β€˜β€™Majesty of Steel’’, portray a music landscape of hooking riffs, anthemic choruses with catching melodies. These soul / fist – lifting songs, in the style of early HAMMERFALL (β€˜β€™Glory to the Brave’’ era), are the perfect preface to the leather-bound book of epic tales, through magnificent tunes and lyrics. The solid and expressive voice of D’ Cagna really shines and fits perfectly with the style of the music, making the songs totally irresistible.

β€˜β€™Mistress of Desire’’ is another song of pure power metal energy, with a strong riff and an extremely hooking melody. Absolute gem of a song, personal favorite, convoyed with a beautiful blistering solo. The dance of war by IRONFLAME, continues with β€˜β€™Standing Tall’’, which is a fast tempo track that brought to my memory the first albums of the great Greek epic metal band BATTLEROAR. Again, we are dealing with a very memorable song, that chants the tales of fighters that defend, sworn to stand tall till the end.

The β€˜β€™Sword of a Thousand Truths’’, sings the twin IRON MAIDEN-ish guitar harmonies at a slower tempo, towards the crossroad where an impressive voice echoes, melting the vocal force of mighty Ronnie James Dio and Bruce Dickinson. The cavalry galloping appears again, on β€˜β€™Riding the Dragons’’, a song that spreads glorious fire and death from above, under the β€˜β€™Shadow of the Reaper’’ that follows, in full blown epic metal triumph, in an early Michael Kiske era HELLOWEEN style chant.

Last but not least, we listen to another two great songs that appear as bonus tracks only on CD. These tracks are killers not fillers. It’s just a matter of selection made by Andrew D’ Cagna serving the flow of the LP, because he felt the other eight tracks complimented each other the most, but are equally strong. β€˜β€™Cold Flesh Falls’’ is a mid-tempo anthem and another presentation of admirable musicianship.

We reach the epilogue of this wonderful journey with β€˜β€™Exile of the Sun’’. An extremely powerful ballad-ish song in the style of the almighty TWISTED TOWER DIRE or even the beloved ATLANTEAN KODEX, that makes the excellent closure for this magnificent album.

What a great saga of an album! I really savored this epic voyage.

IRONFLAME have returned and descended with full force, bringing triumph, power and glory. I feel very enthusiastic about it and have the impression that this is a necessary album to my collection. So, this is my humble advice to all of you reading these lines out there: This is an album not to be missed!!

β€˜β€™Kingdom Torn Asunder’’ will be released by High Roller Records, on the 26th of July 2024 on LP, CD and MC.



Its no secret that Ohio has been a breeding place for sensational heavy metal since the deep 80’s. From 80’s legends like DESTRUCTOR, CHASTAIN, SHOK PARIS into 90’s mythical heroes JACOB’S DREAM, Ohio keeps the metal flag high. And it wouldn’t came as a surprise that the new generation of metal bands maintains the same high quality as its predecessors. One of those bands are IRONFLAME a.k.a. the personal project of the notorious Andrew D’Cagna, well known for his involvement with DOFKA and ICARUS WITCH.

IRONFLAME of course are no strangers to the Metal scene. They have already released four albums of spectacular Heavy Metal, a remarkable fact since they don’t show any signs of slowing down. Instead last year they released a compilation of rare and unreleased tracks and now they have a new album called “Kingdom torn asunder”.

Should you have heard the band’s previous albums then, even by looking at the cover art, you should know that this one doesn’t stray off the path that they have already carved: Highly energetic Heavy /Power Metal, that, like the Roman god Janus, looks both towards the American (west) and the European (east) Metal scene. This means that twin guitar harmonies, melodic leads and catchy choruses co-exist with razor-sharp riffs and sheer aggressiveness.

This one sounds somewhat heavier, closer to European Heavy / Power like ATTACK, HAMMERFALL, or IRON FIRE, yet it maintains the melodies and the memorable anthemic choruses that IRONFLAME are known for, songs like “Blood and Honor” or “Majesty of steel” are simple examples of what I say. Most songs are speedsters while there are a couple of mid-tempos, as always those have a more epic feeling. CD version has two bonus tracks, something that happens quite often nowadays, yet both of them are the same high quality with the ones in the album.

The fact that Andrew D’Cagna not only writes all songs and lyrics but also performs all instruments -except guitar solos-, always surprises me.

Not only because he is a stellar performer, with a distinctive high pitched Kiskie / Cans / Sammet / Rettke (the HEAVEN’S GATE guy duh!) but also because he can handle everything. And though his voice is recognizable he manages to sound different from they way he sings in ICARUS WITCH.

“Kingdom Torn Asunder” is another splendid addition to IRONFLAME’s discography. They still go strong, showing no sings of fatigue, instead with each album sound more and more powerful. Should you seek classic Heavy / Power Metal, this one is for you.



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