MEDALYON – Visions

MEDALYON – Visions
Arkeyn Steel Records
Released Year:
1. So Uncertain2. Just a Thought3. All Your Days4. Victim of Circumstance5. Time to Learn6. Visions7. Move Along8. Trouble9. Bottom Line10. Never Goodbye11. Kristina12. Don't Want to Be in Love13. Soldier Boy14. Am I Dreaming?15. Rock Will Pull Ya Through16. Never Goodbye17. Master of Your Mind

It was about time for one of the most special Progressive / Power metal albums of the 90’s to face the light of the day once again. And as you’ve already guessed from the title, I am referring toΒ “Visions”, theΒ debut album by MEDALYON from Ohio, USA.

From the very first time I heard their stuff, what attracted me the most was their unique way of song writing. They would use complex riffing, they would keep their Ryche-sque influences and they would manage to deliver a result which would stick on your mind. Yeap, they did it on their own MEDALYON way.

If you add the magnificent vocals and the excellent guitar leads that are expanded under a complex still powerful rhythm section into the puzzle, you will understand what MEDALYON is actually about.

The Arkeyn Steel Records reissue features the 1995 album plus the band’s super rare “Demo 1988” (5 songs) and single-tape 1992 β€œNever Goodbye / Master of Your Mind” (2 songs). And this is one of the most important facts that makes this rerelease so important.

Focusing on MEDALYONS‘s back catalog is a very interesting fact. The listener will discover the roots of this band as they were presented on their 1988 demo. A band that actually got Hard Rock as a starting point, evolving their sound to classic Heavy Metal with some Progressive Metal elements. Listening the 1988 material song by song will make you realize this evolution. Listen to songs like “Krisitna” or “I Don’t Want to Be In Love” and feel that Hard Rock vibe of a band what wants to be heard on the radio. On the third track,Β “Soldier Boy”, however, you will be able to discover a great piece of dark shaded classic Heavy Metal. Yes all this stuff on the same release back in 1988.

The tape-single includes one of their most catchy songs, “Never Goodbye”, and one of their darkest compositions, “Master Of Your Mind”. Again, MEDALYON are approaching their music under different ways, securing a magnificent result in any case.

Well it was obvious thatΒ MEDALYONΒ would evolve their music to what is finally presented on their magnificent Prog / Power debut back in 1995. Yes I am referring to “Visions”.

The sound of the reissue is fantastic! Everything is re-mastered direct from DAT tapes. Justice is done to the MEDALYON stuff.

Lyrics, biography and fantastic vintage photos are included on the reissue pack. You will also notice that the original β€œVisions” front cover is used. Back on the day the band wanted to share a very special vibe using this particular cover / artwork, almost discovering an artistic wave that was later followed by many Progressive – and not only – Metal band back on the day,.

In my opinion one of the most important re issue for 2018.

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