MEDIEVAL DEMON – Medieval Necromancy

MEDIEVAL DEMON – Medieval Necromancy
Released Year:
1. Chthonic Curses2. Spells of the Akkadian Priests3. Invisible Black Magic Ritual4. Les Litanies de Satan5. Moldy Wings of Death6. Ancient Evil in the Woods7. Blackmoon Sacrifice8. Into the Caves of Blood9. Medieval Necromancy10. The Great He Goat

The last time the Greek black metal outfit MEDIEVAL DEMON had a new release out, was back in 1998. Their demo tape “Cursed Eyes”, followed their first and only (up ’till now) full length “Demonolatria” that was also released in the same year (actually recorded in 1995) on the legendary Unisound Records (ROTTING CHRIST, THOU ART LORD, NERGAL).

Today, twenty years later, the Demon is still alive, reborn through his own 90’s blasphemy, baptized in the occult 70’s Italian scene and forged in the old school Greek black metal necro-sound. Well, let me explain all of the above in a few lines…

The guys of MEDIEVAL DEMON are back almost with their classic line up! Lord Apollyon, Sirokous and Jim Necrochrist were their early classic line up (“Night Of The Infernal Lords” demo tape era) delivering a 55 minutes long black metal opus, remaining loyal to the 90’s black metal sound, but the album features also some 70’s “dark italian” aesthetics, especially on keyboards. Even from the opening track “Chtonic Curses” someone can recognise those Italian references (Dario Argento’s “Three Mothers”). As one proceeds with the listening of “Medieval Necromancy” they can spot some GOBLIN and even JACULA / ANTONIUS REX influences that blend perfectly with their Greek old – school black metal sound, without sacrificing any of their necro-sound; on the contrary MEDIEVAL DEMON create an eerie atmosphere.

I strongly believe that the album is a succession to their “Demonolatria” album and as an older fan of the band I can say that this is an improved reincarnation of MEDIEVAL DEMON with more mature songwriting, great production (but not overproduced) where everything is audible, a perfect balance between rawness and atmospheric passages with Sirokous’ vocals that sound just awesome, grim and abysmal!

In conclusion, for us, the older fans of the band, this is the album we’ve been waiting for 20 years and it has met our expectations in full. There are a few bands that still embrace that old school Greek metal sound and thankfully MEDIEVAL DEMON is one of those bands. They set the new standards for Mediterranean occult black metal, once founded back in the 90’s but lost after some years for the sake of “progression”. On the other hand, for their newer fans, MEDIEVAL DEMON resurrect that archaic sound in order to be worshipped again, by the newer generation of (black) metal enthusiast. As for me, this was the album I’ve been waiting for 20 years now.

The album will be out on Hells Headbangers a label devoted to the Underground. sometime in June, so keep an eye open for this release, it ‘s the must-have black metal release of the year.

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